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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrtomblake 3 / 10


I took the opportunity to a watch a preview of Zoolanader 2. The first Zoolander is a favourite of mine. Unfortunately Zoolander 2 failed to deliver the same level of comedy. Gags kept missing the mark. At one point when I sensed there was a joke on the way, I made a conscious effort to listen out for laughter in the screening room. There was silence. The narrative kept grinding to a halt to accommodate the celebrity cameos, all of which were painfully dull. At the start of the film we see Zoolander and Hansel as old, lame and out of touch. I found this to be a little depressing. I questioned if they had waited too long to make this film. Things did improve towards the end. The plot had direction, it had more energy and Will Ferrell had a couple of funny moments. Sadly it wasn't enough.

Reviewed by Gustavo Schroeder A 2 / 10

Almost Unwatchable

Zoolander 2 is once again directed by Ben Stiller and we get to see Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell and Stiller himself return to their former roles, which is the one positive thing I can say about this movie. The cast is still good in their roles. Derek and Hansel are still the same characters and they play them with enthusiasm and Mugatu is well, OK. Sadly, everything else is pretty much garbage. The humor did not work at all and I just wanted it to be over. After 5 minutes of the movie I was just exhausted. This is a clear example that bigger does not mean better. I am a fan of the original Zoolander and one of the things I liked about that film is that it was just a small comedy with a relatively small budget and it evolved as a cult film. Zoolander 2 tries to be bigger than the first one and it just doesn't work. The first was pretty much about Mugatu trying to hypnotize a male model to assassinate the prime minister of Malaysia. That was the plot. Stupid? Definitely, but it worked in its own right. This one's about Derek trying to locate his son, while male models are being assassinated, which actually did not pay off at all in the end.

The movie is filled with unnecessary cameos and there can be too much of a good thing. It happened last year with the Entourage movie and now with this. Like I said, everything is bigger, the scope and even the effects, but what Stiller and his production crew don't get is that what made the original Zoolander so funny and good was that it seemed like they were taking a chance. It was kind of cheap and small but it worked.

The film doesn't work at all but I'll say this: At least it didn't feel cynical. To me it seemed like they were actually trying to make a good film and a funny one but it just did not work. The humor is mostly like people getting hit in the face and stuff like that. The movie also tries way too hard to recall on things from the original that were funny. As a fan of the original and as a moviegoer in general, I would not recommend Zoolander 2. I laughed 5 times in the whole movie. I counted them. And as a comedy that's the main problem with the movie: It was not funny.


Reviewed by PCBraatz02 5 / 10

Not so ridiculously good-looking after all.....

Let me start off this review by saying that the original Zoolander is one of my favorite comedies, and one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. I was ecstatic over news of a sequel and followed up on all the latest happenings throughout the course of production. With that being said, I feel as though this sequel was a fairly big disappointment. I certainly didn't hate it, by any means, as there were certainly some moments where I got a good chuckle, but that's as far as it went. No big, hilarious, laugh-out-loud moments like the ones that made the first film so memorable. In addition, I found some spots to be more creepy/dark than they were funny, such as some of the scenes with Mugatu, Matilda being dead, and especially All, the biggest Super-Model in the world, who genuinely scared the hell out of me....Sorry if I offended anyone with that comment.

Overall, I'd say it's in the same company as Anchorman 2 and Dumb And Dumber To - a day late, dollar short sequel. While you're excited to see these characters again and glad the film was made, it feels like it's nothing you haven't seen before.

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