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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blueree 1 / 10

Out of a very boring and formulated lousy screenplay

I just want to begin by stating that I do not understand why this movie is called You Got Served: Beat the World. It pales in comparison to You Got Served and it is a travesty that it will be associated with that film because of the title. I honestly don't understand why it wasn't just titled Beat the World and do not want to take the time to research why. As far as I can tell, just based on what is listed on IMDb, the writer and director of the movie, Robert Adetuyi, was not at all involved with the first You Got Served.

Plot aside, I cannot fathom why after seeing such films as You Got Served, Step Up 2, Step Up 3 and various other dance films, that he would think we would want to see a dance film with this caliber of street dance. The dance moves were very amateurish and slow as if it was trying to be a "how-to" instructional type of video to street dancing.

I played the movie again, fast forwarding through all of the dialogue to the dance scenes to show my best friend, who also commented on how amateurish the moves were, particularly the Brazilian team and the main character for the American team, Yuson.

We then immediately watched Step Up 3 (which she had never seen) and after the very first battle (w/Red Hook) she said, "oh my gosh, this is so decent!" She even commented that the Pirates rehearsal was better than anything she had just seen in Beat the World.

Horror and Sci-Fi are my favorite genres, and I have watched a lot of horror movies that received horrible reviews because I just had to see them for myself considering that I love horror movies. Therefore, if you are an avid dance/musical movie fan, I understand the need to see all dance/musical movies regardless of critics, or public reviews.

Trust me, don't waste your time. Just check out the Prince Mio (Eric) and Stephanie Nguyen (Nina) videos on the internet. I also understand that Stephanie Nguyen was really able to showcase her skills in the films StreetDance 3D and StreetDance 2 which I have yet to see, but hope to.

It's as if Beat the World was released 7 years before You Got Served instead of the other way around. I think it's ridiculous that You Got Served was released in 2004 and Beat the World was released in 2011 but sucks sooo bad.

Reviewed by catchmusic 2 / 10

Awesome babes...Bad movie

First of all, I am a big fan of the first You Got Served. Making this movie was the biggest mistake made in this kind of genre. The plot was lousy, the lines were somewhat picked up from a 60's TV show, acting was disgusting although the announcer of the crews did a nice job! About the choreography, I have seen better moves and routines from the show "Britain's got talent" but not to be unfair, there were, here and there, a few awesome moves but generally it was boring to watch. My two-star-rating goes to the beautiful women in the movie as I should have given it a 0. To all of you how have seen the movie and expected better from it...You Got Served!

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