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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Boba_Fett1138 4 / 10

Oh yes, please do a modern horror movie set inside an abandoned asylum! We haven't seen enough of those already...

This movie somewhat makes me angry for several reasons. First off, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Wrong Turn-series and second of all, it's being totally unoriginal!

I wouldn't at all be surprised if this movie its script got pulled off from the shelve somewhere and got relabeled as "Wrong Turn 4" to cash in on it, even while it originally was written as a totally unrelated movie, to the the Wrong Turn-series. This movie really has absolutely nothing to do with any of the 3 previous movies, though it supposedly is still featuring the same cannibal family, consisting out of inbreds, who all look like Jake Busey by the way.

But the settings are all wrong. Really, a Wrong Turn movie should always be set inside of the forest I feel. But no, they thought an old abandoned asylum would be a far better setting for the movie this time. But why really? There are so many modern movies, that are just like this one, out there already, that use similar type of settings and also a similar concept. Thing they also all seem to have in common is that none of them are all that great.

No, this movie isn't ever really trying to be something new or original. It makes this a very redundant genre movie, that not even the lovers of it will be very pleased with. Sure, there is gore but nothing all that spectacular or surprising really.

As is this whole movie; nothing spectacular or surprising. It's a very typical and therefore also very predictable genre movie, that does absolutely nothing to attempt to become an above average one. It's just one of those movies in which a bunch of annoying, partying teenagers gets stuck at a place and are all getting killed one by one. It never has any tension or suspense to it because the movie obviously has no idea how to handle this.

The most positive thing I can say about this movie is that it's not the worst modern genre example I have seen but still, you are far better off skipping it.



Reviewed by iansmom99 1 / 10

This has to be a Joke

Once I heard there was a 4th Wrong Turn I had to check it out. Of course that was an enormous mistake. Even the trailer makes this look like crap. Its a basic plot: A group of friends go snowmobiling during their winter break. They get lost in a blizzard and seek shelter in abandoned insane asylum. Which of course is inhabited by the three original cannibal mutants. The acting is beyond terrible. The actors don't deliver any decent performances. Even the film making looks cheesy and homemade. The gore/action looks extremely fake. Did they really need to give a failed attempt at how the cannibal hillbillies came to be? I doubt it. There is not one good moment in this movie. They should have stopped with the 3rd one at least.

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