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Rosario Dawson as Artemis
Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor
Keri Russell as Wonder Woman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Argemaluco 9 / 10

I did not expect to like this movie so much

Since over two decades ago,it has been contemplated the idea of making an adaptation of the comic Wonder Woman (a creation from the psychologist William Mourton Marston).The most recent attempt was made by director and screenwriter Joss Whedon,until the classic "creative differences" between the filmmaker and the Warner Bros. studio finished the project when it was on pre-production (I suppose the writers' strike during late-2007 and early-2008,plus the recent economical crisis,have also influenced on that).However,on the straight-to-DVD universe,an excellent animated version of Wonder Woman was made.Like some other animated movies made straight-to-DVD (like Justice League : The New Frontier and Superman Vs. Doomsday),Wonder Woman has been made with little resources but a high level of creativity and fidelity to the original comic.I have found this humble animated film to be way superior to some "real" movies about superheroes,whose elevated budget for some reason avoids them of making something innovative or unexpected.These straight-to-DVD films may not be too accessible to the casual spectators,because they are all designed to the comics reader who does not look for a "movie for kids",but a solid adaptation whose porpoise is not selling toys,but respecting the legacy from the character.And I admired to see that Wonder Woman took that attitude.In other words,we will not find on this movie the cheesiness and simple villains from the sympathetic TV series starred by Lynda Carter because the movie is completely respectful to the comic,which had offered subjects about mythology,honor,violence and the eternal battle between sex.I have to say I did not expect to like this movie so much.The most important elements from this great movie are a solid screenplay and a brilliant cast of voices.The screenplay was crafted on a mature and intelligent way.Plus,it is not afraid of including some decapitations and a more audacious language than the one we could expect on an animated movie.But the best element from the screenplay is that the personality,tone and style of the characters are so well defined that the movie achieved a dramatic level I did not expect to receive.As I previously said,the cast of voices is also brilliant.Keri Russell brings the necessary level of intensity and humor to the voice of the main character.Nathan Fillion also made a very competent work and finally,Alfred Molina made a brilliant work with the voice of his character (I would have never recognized it was his voice the one from the character !).The only fail from this movie is that the animation could have been a little bit more polished on some occasions.But,in spite of that,I liked this movie very much.As I said,I do not know if this is a movie for the casual spectators,but I recommend it with confidence to the people who decide to see a different animation movie.I found it enormously entertaining and very satisfactory.

Reviewed by killoa2002 9 / 10

In live action it would be epic!

I am happy to say that this is a very decent movie. Wonder woman has waited so long for her own epic, albeit a straight to DVD release. The story takes us through her roots, where she came from, and more importantly, who she is. The story works, and it has its own originality. What could make it better? If it were live action thats what. If they added a little more to fill it to maybe 100 minutes, and got someone young new and able for the lead part, and maybe removed some of this Steve's chauvinist's attitude, then this Wonder Woman movie in Live action WOULD BE EPIC! This gives me hope that the big screen live action will be close to perfect.

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