Wild for Kicks


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Wild for Kicks (1960) download yts

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Christopher Lee as Kenny King
Oliver Reed as Plaid Shirt
Nigel Green as Simon
David Farrar as Paul Linden
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johne23-1 9 / 10

I'm far gone, daddio!

What we've all been waiting for... Yes! It's another Christopher Lee strip-club!Hooray!Hurrah! But there's much more here. We have a (actually) 14 year-old Gillian Hills (later in Blow Up, when she'd reached the ripe age of 21), Jon Barry (and his Seven) doing the music and dreaming of James Bond, Adam Faith playing a beatnik-type-coffee bar-teenage-dreamboat... Everyone goes around saying "Daddio" and "Go, man, go" and "I'm real gone, man" and "Get out, you drivelling, jiving, beatnik scum" (honestly!), and not much happens... ..so they all go and play by having a drag race and then lying on a railway line and playing chicken...

And Then!

Someone called Laya Raki does an unbelievable striptease that will make your eyes water, (hers obviously did)...

And Then!!

Oliver Reed Starts Dancing!!...

Sorry, I need to go and lie down for a bit...

Reviewed by TheMarquisDeSuave 7 / 10

While most of our juvenile delinquent schlock was lame, polished, and not a very accurate portrait of the youth, "Beat Girl" is sleazy, grimy, and all together tough as nails

This could easily beat out any of the weak JD b-flicks being produced in the States at the time. While most of our juvenile delinquent schlock was lame, polished, and not a very accurate portrait of the youth, "Beat Girl" is sleazy, grimy, and all together tough as nails. In other words, just the way I like my exploitation films. First off, I'm shocked at why Gillian Hills didn't become a massive b-movie (if not mainstream) star. She is charismatic and above all one of the sexiest people to ever be caught on camera, its a shame she went on to small roles (her only other really noteworthy part was in "A Clockwork Orange"). Just watching this immediately adds her to my list of greatest cult starlets. It also accurately captures the youth scene at the time and avoids exploiting them.

The greatest thing about this film however are the locations. Featuring a glimpse into vintage Beat clubs and strip joints in the UK, I was fascinated by such an alien culture. Plus, the theme song is memorable and just flat out rocks. Not to mention Christopher Lee is in it! How cool can this movie get? Sure its not a great piece of art, but as far as cult cinema is concerned, it deserves more recognition and should be placed in the echelon of "Plan 9 From Outer Space" or "Detour". On the bad note, the commercial DVD from Mondo Crash is a piece of crap. The image is horrible and there are scenes cut. You'd be much better off grabbing this oldie from Kino Video. (7/10)

Reviewed by Vornoff-3 8 / 10

Sexy Gillian Hills Makes This JD Film Worth Watching!

Beat Girl goes where few American JD's films dare to go. It comments on the nature of revolt, the need for revolt and the reasons for revolt. In one scene, when "the gang" are hanging out in a cave-like nightclub, the kids begin to talk about their experiences during the Blitz, their disgust with their middle-class conservative parents and their boredom with everyday life. These are not the typical American "young thrill seekers" of the 50's and 60's, moralistically raised by immoral parents. These are the burnt out products of modern society, angry at a world that offers them nothing of any meaning. More shocking is the reaction the the Beat Girl's father to his new wife's past life-he is horrified, and mad at having been deceived into thinking he was marrying a "nice French girl". He has no sympathy or imagination-if she was a stripper, she must have been a tramp. His incapacity to love her unconditionally compares to the emotionless "love" he expresses for his daughter. On the whole, this is social commentary of the first degree.

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