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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rbnn 1 / 10

Pretentious and dull

When a writer runs out of ideas, he turns to profanity; when a screenwriter runs out of ideas, he starts killing animals. Not really much to say about this overacted, overwritten drivel. The opening shot, a long tracking shot over rows of dog cages, was very well done. The DeVito skit was quite interesting, although it would have been better in movie length. The other skits all involved typical film-student clichés (odd as the writer is long out of film school), full of wacky artists, wise drug addicts, and the like.

On the positive side, this film had truly brilliant marketing. The trailer and the posters beautifully sell this as some kind of interesting movie, like a My Dog Skip for adults. Too bad the same genius who did the marketing didn't write and direct the actual film too.

Reviewed by Slipped_Sprocket 2 / 10

Smug, juvenile and lazy film-making, don't waste your time

In a year that's been sorely lacking in films of any substance and creative or emotional depth, I was really hoping to be satisfied with this one. I let the endorsement of it being screened at Sundance (what were they thinking?) and an impressive roster of actors seduce me into going to see this regrettable and tasteless pablum.

Before you scoff at my condemnation of it, let me give you some background. First, I LIKE, in fact LOVE, quirky and even shocking films. I've been a student and fan of cinema my whole life, starting in the 1950's when my dad used to borrow 8 mm projectors from Boston University (where he was an instructor) and screen classic films and documentaries from all over the world on our dining room wall. I took film courses in college and even studied filmmaking and produced my own short films. I'm not an aesthetic elitist and will watch just about anything -- my favorites run the gamut from experimental efforts made on a shoestring to big studio extravaganzas.

Yeah, I do have my prejudices and admit that not all highly vaunted films and genres match my taste. But no matter what my personal tastes might be, I do know quality when I see it, and "Weiner Dog" is a lazy piece of [email protected] Yeah, the director used a trash bag full of Film School 101 "I'm so avant garde" clichés to try to appear clever: long pans, off balance static shots, sustained closeups, dysfunctional characters, gross-out imagery that adds nothing to the story, ad nauseam. And mild nausea is the result, at least in this viewer (and the fellow film lover who went with me.) Don't get me wrong -- I don't object to being disturbed by a film. In fact I do appreciate, even relish, a film that's creepy, dysphoric and even violent. One of my favorites last year was Jonathan Glazer's "Under the Skin" (which, by the way, uses many of the same techniques Todd Solondz attempts in "Weiner Dog" but Glazer executes them successfully.)

The fact that "Weiner Dog"s Todd Solondz could not coax effective performances from a roster of such seasoned good actors is a testimony by absence to the importance of directing. The single major accomplishment of this waste of time is that he managed to make veterans like Ellen Burstyn, Danny De Vito and Julie Delpy come off like blundering amateurs, or, at best, B grade hopefuls at an initial blind script read. And the lesser known actors come off even worse. I've seen high school video productions that had better scripts, continuity and more convincing performances. The script, pacing and editing would have earned a C minus in any film class. It's telling that the "climax" vignette with De Vito is a snide put down of film schools. Ironic that Solondz has such a sour grapes attitude towards them -- since he teaches directing. I wouldn't pay this guy to direct a hemorrhoid cream commercial, let alone expect him to teach anything of value.

His Wiki blurb describes him as being "known for his style of dark, thought-provoking, socially conscious satire." Meh. Producing condescending and inane stories that exaggerate stereotypical and cynical views of people with limp dialogue, poor direction and a few grotesque scenes of violence and excrement thrown in for shock value is a lazy, immature and cheap way to get attention. And the dilettantes that fall for this kind of insult to the viewers intelligence deserve to waste their time on it. I won't do so again. Solondz has been added to my list of smug cinematic hacks to avoid.

Reviewed by jimbrennan98 1 / 10

The worst film I have ever seen without a doubt.

I had cautious optimism - I love dogs, critics had given it a good score, and I enjoy dark humour. Unfortunately this was not the case with this movie.

You will enjoy this movie if you are a virtue-signalling art snob. As a normal guy, this movie contained 50% of a boring film and 50% outright shockingly poor.

The first quarter was kinda quirky, and using recurring themes to show vulgarity could be considered interesting by some. The awkward conversations seemed to be so absurd it was mildly amusing, but I was unsure whether the director was having us on or not.

The second quarter was the most boring piece of cinema I have seen in my life. Two awkward characters go on a road trip, and nothing happens - there is potential for emotional weight but it is squandered. It's not subtly awkward - it's obvious. By this point I wanted to leave - heck, I could have written this student script, but I wanted to still enjoy this movie, especially with DeVito coming up. I was shocked to learn this was written by a 52-year old veteran of the industry - the talking was way slower than the average person, which actively bored the audience, and was poorly acted, especially by the female lead.

The third act was OK - DeVito is funny, the script fairly inoffensive and a good mocking of the film school 'industry'. I could tell there was some personal beef and I enjoyed it. However, at this point my father had fallen asleep.

The final quarter had a good concept, but it could be told in ten seconds, or could have been mixed with the third act, especially as the millennial characters are similar throughout the second half. The final scene was vulgar & shocking, but not in a good way. In fact, very distasteful to top off a actively boring film. The movie 'jumped the shark' with one scene, which I will not spoil.

In summary this 'dark humour' could have been delivered faster with more authentic dialogue. The shots are good, but long without purpose. It needed to be serious or satire, it begin caught in the middle just annoyed the audience I was with. If I were the studio, I would never work with this director ever again - he clearly is too far up his own behind to entertain or intrigue audiences. I have only seen around 500 films in my life (not a lot), but I very clearly know this is the worst of them, and that includes Thunderpants.

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