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John Candy as Harry Crumb
Jeffrey Jones as Eliot Draisen
Annie Potts as Helen Downing
Tim Thomerson as Vince Barnes
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Reviewed by sincitybrant 10 / 10

Easy to talk about!

One of my favorite comedies, Who's Harry Crumb is the story of a bumbling private detective played by John Candy, who uses a number of disguises throughout the film. Jeffrey Jones is excellent as Elliot Dreisen. A relatively clean movie, the comedy revolves around Harry and his earnestness and naivete you could say. A lot of viewers will laugh at Harry, but I laugh with him as he tracks down the kidnappers - and find them he will! A number of good lines, interesting dialogue, funny disguises, and cool cameos. Plus this movie actually makes Annie Potts a believable sex object. A very easy 10 for me!

Reviewed by TriNitroToluene 10 / 10

If this movie were a bomb it would blow up laughing!

Simply hilarious. I think the reviewers that gave this movie bad rankings were pretty sour old men. This was a great movie the first time you watch it. After that, it gets dry (as most movies do). But the first time is what counts. And the first time I watched it I was a little lad with a broken leg from skiing stuck on the coach since I couldn't get up and was switching around and ended up with the movie and I could not stop laughing! I laughed so much I rebroke the bone, haha, no, not quite. But, I think you get the idea. John Candy is phenomenal. Though many of the comedy scenes are not entirely original they are done better than anyone else can do them by the late John Candy. Fun for the family ; ) Little kids won't understand alot of the dirty humor ; )

Reviewed by m_donatello 9 / 10

One of Candy's best

If you're a fan of the late John Candy (as I am) you will most likely love this movie. Candy stars as Harry Crumb, a bumbling detective who comes from a line of great detectives. In his investigations, he uses a great many disguises (much like Chevy Chase in "Fletch"). Crumb is totally clueless, and Candy really takes a funny script and makes it even more funny. The movie doesn't take itself too seriously, and neither should the viewer. I give this a 9 out of 10 because it kept me laughing the whole way through.

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