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Lisa Marie as May Lewis
Barbara Crampton as Anne Sacchetti
Larry Fessenden as Jacob Lewis
Monte Markham as Dave McCabe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GL84 9 / 10

Impressive and enjoyable ghost effort

Preparing for a get together, a grieving couple move into a new house in a mysterious town where they gradually come to believe the strange noises around them thought to be their son are a far darker and malevolent force using them for an appeasement sacrifice.

This here was quite the enjoyable if slightly flawed effort. Though it does feature prominently as a flaw, the slow-build nature of the storyline here is one of the more impressive parts here with the way that there's this unraveling mystery that gets built up throughout the film. The whole mysterious-strangers-in-town vibe that carries throughout the first half is really well-done, the inclusion of their psychic friends is a big positive as they're able to uncover so many other aspects of their story with the ability to spell out what's happening and the way the different cut-aways to the townspeople which manages to all combine together into a great storyline that's given plenty of time to work itself out by taking as long as it does. That ends up revealing quite an impressive and old-school style effort with the need for sacrificial rituals and predetermined curses coming into play as well as the concept of people aligning themselves with the dark force already present at the location which is all so well handled how it ties into the different archetypes featured in past efforts. Likewise, this one also offers up plenty of enjoyable elements from the action of how this one goes about giving this storyline some frenetic action to help sell these factors, generating plenty of fun here with some great action in the beginning with the attack while down in the basement which is petty chilling and creepy as the ghost appears and begins chasing them around the room and out into their car which is quite a fun scene. Still, the majority of the fun here comes from the final half which is just a purely enjoyable and over-the-top exercise in enjoyment with the film going all-out for delivering brutal kills that are incredibly bloody, plenty of action-packed chases with them going around the house escaping from the mob after them and the different resolutions it brings up, all aided nicely by the absolutely chilling and creepy-looking ghosts here that give this one so much to like. Still, there's a few minor flaws here which mostly stems from the film's one biggest factor in the dull, lagging pace. The fact that we get as slow a burn as it is here definitely takes a toll on this one in the beginning where once we get past their grief and trauma of the accident not a whole lot actually happens here. It's not just that there's something happening all the time, but it's rarely giving any kind of encounter here until nearly halfway through which is quite a long time of nothing occurring. The other issue here is the absolutely inane concept of once again featuring a film where characters are clearly aligned with a truly malignant force for no reason, as the relationship isn't given anything worthwhile to expand upon here and the whole thing is confusing and muddied. Otherwise, thought, there's not a whole lot wrong here.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language

Reviewed by jackthehack 8 / 10

Good horror is still here

I am admittedly not a big fan of Lucio Fulci AKA The Godfather of Gore. He made some good films(Zombi 2 and City of the living Dead) but I am not a fan of his House by the Cemetery. I still liked his way of developing atmosphere although he torpedoed it himself by putting gratuitous gore and illogical sequences though it was part of his charm. So, when I heard of We Are Still Here and how it's a tribute to Fulci's films, I was intrigued if not too hopeful. Fortunately, it turned out to be a wonderful surprise.

The best part about this movie apart from the creepy atmosphere and the beautiful ice-covered New England scenery is the very good performances by nearly everyone in the cast, especially Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig and the extremely creepy Monte Markham. Larry Fessenden is on hand to provide a bit of ham which he does with glee. The film much like Fulci's post-Zombi 2 films, ultimately explodes in a gore-drenched frenzy though this one still keeps sight of it's central characters. It is also surprisingly well-paced and doesn't sag in the middle like others of it's genre.

It's true that the story isn't original but the acting, direction and effects are so strong that they make up for it. I will even be audacious enough to say that this might be a better horror film than It Follows which despite stronger scares, stagnated in the middle. The director, Geoghegan seems very promising and I will eagerly await his next feature.

Altamente Raccomandato!

Reviewed by subliminalkidx 7 / 10

Definitely worth your time....

We Are Still Here is a really solid horror flick, let down only by a bit of a jumbled script that doesn't completely do justice to it's pretty cool central concept (a gory haunted house story with monster-in-the-basement jump scares and Lovecraftian overtones.) While it isn't the instant classic some people here are claiming, neither is it the disaster others say... "boring" - is an accusation I've seen thrown at it a few times by reviewers, I'm assuming, raised on a diet Saw sequels who think that Eli Roth is a horror auteur. It's definitely a movie that punches above it's weight: the story moves at a good clip, building from some modest jump scares to a climax filled with proper 80s style, non-CGI gore effects (exploding heads, eye gouging, and geysers of blood flying everywhere). I think it's pretty cool that they went with a more mature cast instead of the usual bunch of anonymous teens: it was really fantastic to see Re-Animator scream queen Barbarah Crampton get her teeth into a role that required her to do more than simply look scared - her character has quite a bit of emotional depth, and she pulled off the mix the steely determination and heartbroken melancholy that her character demanded with grace and style. As for the whole conversation about Lisa Marie's plastic surgery - I actually thought it worked for her character, who seemed to be the kind of spaced out West Coast wannabe moon-goddess type who might have had a past in acting or modeling... maybe it was typecasting, but whatever. The people freaked out by it obviously are not used to seeing leading roles going to people who are over 21, because to me everybody seemed pretty well cast. The most forgettable characters were actually the young couple who show up midway through only to be dispatched within 10 minutes. The film's main problem is the script. It sets up a great concept, but then doesn't seem to know what to do with it. There's an attempt to create a mythology, but when you think about it too hard it starts to trip up over itself. It's all well and good to have this complex back-story, but the story has to play by it's own rules, and this one doesn't: for example, why did the undead family haunting the house not turn on the denizens of the town before? They obviously hated them, yet they dutifully did their bidding every 30 years, right up until this time around? Doesn't make sense. Plus the whole needing a blood sacrifice to keep the evil inside the house ting didn't make hold together, because surely as soon as the first people had been killed (i.e. the young couple) then the sacrifice was done, so there was no need to kill anyone else, unless Im missing something. Plus its pretty bad form to keep hinting about this awful evil that will erupt out of the bowels of the earth if the sacrifice doesn't go as planned, and then not follow through by either letting the evil loose or convincingly vanquishing it. At the end they seem to be building up to SOMETHING coming up from the basement, and then.... nothing. It felt like they wrote themselves into a corner,then decided to cut the story short with that too-abrupt ambivalent ending. But that said, if you check you expectations and take it for what it is, WE ARE STILL HERE is still a well made, engaging horror flick with a great atmosphere, interesting concept, and enough shocks and gore to keep jaded, old school horror fans happy. Check it out...

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