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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andreashager 7 / 10

Not your typically ordinary zombie movie but good nonetheless

OK i wanna begin by saying that i have seen a great deal of movies and one thing i have been thinking about is that there are a lot of movies that has a lot more money invested in them than this movie the wasteland. The more money invested in a movie does not in any way make the movie better most of the time. Now to my personal review of this movie. This is not your typically high end zombie movie with a lot of zombies and action. this movie is little slower than your average zombie flick but its still a good movie. From the beginning i wanted to continue to look and thats all i need. The movie has a pretty good story and i think the actors is doing a good job. T he music score is well done in my opinion. i would recommend this movie and i have seen a lot of movies and its nice with a movie that is little different from everything out there.

Reviewed by jn101 1 / 10

Wasteland is a Waste of Time!

After zombie Armageddon starts in Britain Scott and the love of his life; girlfriend Beth head out to the remote countryside where they hole up in a shack hoping to escape the worst of it. Worried about her London based family Beth leaves on a mission to find out if they are OK. Holding on to hope that Beth will one day return Scott remains at the shack, his only contact with the outside world being a short range radio with which once a day he communicates with a fellow survivor. As long as there is a chance his love will return he will not leave the shack.

overall the movie is boring, not interesting,tedious, dull, monotonous, repetitive, if you really want to watch this, watch the last 2 minutes of the movie, the best part lol

Reviewed by John-Von-Shelton 5 / 10

In the end, Isolation is the least of your worries... Zombie drama on a budget.

Wasteland is a post-apocalypse indie drama - soon to be released by Acort International. The central hero is Scott, who meets the love of his life, Beth in flash backs as he deals with the un-dead and loneliness. After some time, the two lead characters meet back up and then survival really starts.

With the rise of shows like The Walking Dead (2010 - present), zombie fans might want to check out this local horror/survival film shot in Derby, England. After watching the special features, it was interesting to see the break down of map shots and digital pallets to create a post- apocalypse world on a budget. I think that's what I appreciated most as well as the practical gore and zombie effects.

The film stars Shameer Seepersand, Jessica Messenger, Mark Drake (who appeared in Game of Thrones) and Rachel Benson.

Director, Tom Wadlow started of with shorts before shooting the feature and he had trained at Universal Studios and now runs Light Films, Ltd. with his wife.

Wasteland is written by local talent, Tommy Draper and Chris Newman helped edit and was Cinematographer. Music by Dave S Walker.

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