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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Matic Boh 4 / 10

A generic storyline and a wasted cast

The fact that the trailer which shows the most entertaining moments can perhaps be considered the film's strongest asset speaks volumes, as Walk of Shame comes across as a failed comedy with a tedious and overfamiliar storyline, one that focuses on a series of mishaps endured by an anchorwoman portrayed Elizabeth Banks. Although amusing at times, offering some funny and quotable lines, the film relies too heavily on its lead actress, as Banks' charm and appeal is what ultimately keeps the audience engaged. Sadly it is a typical and highly generic story told in a non-refreshing way, which hurts the comedic potential of the talented cast that was at the film's disposal. Along with the fact that it unnecessarily relies on an abundance of comedic stereotypes, Walk of Shame fails to produce any real excitement, and can be regarded as nothing more than an unfunny, mediocre and extremely formulaic comedy.

Reviewed by nonprofitgnome1 7 / 10

Surprisingly Good

With the slew of "get drunk, end up in bad situation" movies that have flooded the industry, it was hard to get excited for this movie. I enjoy Elizabeth Banks and the trailers did seem funny. I just couldn't help but have that feeling of "been there done that". And that feeling is valid but it doesn't mean that the movie was bad, in fact, I quite enjoyed it.

The plot plays out like any number of movies in the genre. Main character gets drunk, wakes up in a bad situation and has to try and retrace their steps to get from point A to point B (point B often being supremely important). While the plot was predictable, it's what happens between point A and point B that matters.

Despite the number of movies similar, the director was still able to find some uniquely funny scenes to put Banks' character in. Some scenes that come to mind are an impound lot and a crack house. While not all scenes hit the mark, there was enough here to be worth a viewing. I also found the running gag about Banks' characters profession to be extremely funny.

So what make this seemingly mediocre film worth viewing? Two things in my opinion. Firstly, this is the first movie of this type where I actually felt for the character. I wanted her to get where she wanted to go and that kept me involved in the movie. Secondly, I appreciate the fact that we can have a movie like this without relying on extremely rude and crude scenes. Yes, there is profanity and some implied sex but in comparison to other films with similar plots (Hangover), this movie is tame. But that doesn't mean it's not funny as I feel it is able to remain funny throughout.

If you into movies like the Hangover, Hot Tub Time Machine, or Bridesmaids, then this is a must watch. If you love comedies then this is also a good bet. It may not end p being a movie you need to own but you can do much much worse than giving this movie a shot.

Reviewed by planktonrules 7 / 10

Pretty raunchy but also pretty funny.

Walk of shame is not exactly an original sort of comedy. A recent phenomenon (one I don't quite understand) is the raunchy 'let's get drunk and do stupid things and go on wild adventures' genre. Folks have gone nuts for things like The Hangover, Hot Tub Time Machine and Bridesmaids—and so Walk of Shame is certainly not unique in the least. However, despite being a nasty, raunchy and occasionally offensive film, it did manage to make me laugh and is a bit better than the films I just mentioned (although, since I don't like the genre, it really isn't saying much). I am not proud of myself for enjoying this film but I did.

Elizabeth Banks stars as Meghan, a not supremely talented news anchor in Los Angeles who is in the running for a big network anchor position. However, she's learned she ALMOST got it but the network execs chose someone else. To help her get over her disappointment, her two trashy friends take her out for a night on the town—to get her drunk and to forget about her problems. Does the idea sound familiar?! Well, this turns into a one-night stand with a bartender (James Marsden) and at this point I was really NOT impressed. So far, I'd seen a lot of boorish behavior and none of it was very funny. However, it DID get better. When Meghan awakens from this revelry, she finds she's in his apartment—and she has no idea exactly where this is. To make things a LOT worse, when she quickly leaves, she finds her car has been towed….and it has her purse and phone in it. And…she's wearing her friend's yellow dress…and it is a VERY slutty looking dress. So, she's stranded in a part of town she's unfamiliar with, she has no money, no i.d. and is dressed like a 'professional woman'. Well…no problem. She'll just hail a cab, get her car and pay the cabbie and go home. However, the cabbie takes her to a horrible part of town and refuses to drive her further because she cannot pay—and threatens to shoot her! She escapes…and a long series of crazy events take place. How crazy? See the film.

I think the reason this film worked for me was that although it was offensive (needlessly offensive at times), the characters and situations Meghan found herself in were very funny. Of all of these, I think I enjoyed her meeting up with three nice crack-heads, Hulk, Pookie (I LOVED Pookie!!) and Scrilla. But there were many more crazy people and situations that made me chuckle—and they came almost non-stop. I also appreciated how again and again, little things throughout the film came back during the course of the film. So, a seemingly innocent occurrence later becomes a HUGE and totally unexpected disaster due to clever writing.

Now my review is NOT saying the film is without problems. The writing, while clever, is very crude—and it's a shame as this easily could have been a film you could let your kids see. I think it's simply the filmmakers trying to keep up with the raunchy levels we've seen recently. However, a similar picture where one little bad decision leads to similar funny situations is Date Night—and it managed to be a film for all ages and audiences. The bottom line is that this is NOT a film for you to watch with your kids, your mother or your pastor! And, if you will easily be offended, by all means watch Date Night or some other movie instead. But it is, even with its problems, worth seeing.

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