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Vamp U (2011) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 23%
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Julie Gonzalo as Chris Keller / Mary Lipinsky
Alexis Knapp as Samantha
Gary Cole as Arthur Levine
Bart Johnson as Ted Keller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kelso Von Grimm 6 / 10

It's alright.

I am more of a British comedy fan than American, but even tho this movie has a 4, it is amusing enough if you want an airy story on a Wednesday night. It's not a big masterpiece, but for some weird reason I still enjoyed watching it. Even tho it's storyline if far beyond bad. During the movie I sometimes grew big big question marks above my head, since some scenes are too ridiculous to watch. But some of the jokes in it were actually really funny and made me laugh. I love vampire movies, even bad ones, and that is a big part of why I still recommend it to some people. Or maybe it is because it has a big what the f... factor in it. It is a bit like Sharknado: it is so weird and ridiculous that you have to watch it.

Reviewed by marritjonker 2 / 10


This movie is really boring and bad. I stopped watching after 20 min because the acting was bad and the storyline. I love vampire movies or series but this one really sucked. When the movie started i already thought wtf is this. But okay i do like Alexis Knapp and i guess that's why i downloaded it. (I'm sorry for the bad English i think there are some faults in the grammar lol) If you want to see the movie i say give it a shot but i didn't liked it. My opinion. This is a really cliche movie and i know that and i didn't even saw the whole movie. I don't know what you guys think of it but i say that you don't have to spend your time on this.

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