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Bob Baines as Jackson
Tasia Zalar as Coral
Henry James as Harry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sunrise3500 1 / 10

Poor and irritating.

The performance of the male lead was terrible and painful to watch, and his character was quite irritable. Thankfully Geraldine (Female lead) was much more convincing as well as pleasant on the eye. The camera work throughout is consistently great; great composition and a lot of creamy bokeh. The actual story is rather poor, not well thought-out and seems to be written to be more convenient to the writer than the viewer. It is only further let down with a terrible and weak ending. The writer is also possibly trying to be clever to leave the viewer thinking (With the Island's new ghost..), but the reality is, the viewer is left stupefied and dissatisfied. One member of the audience gave the screen the finger at the credits which sums this film up well.

Reviewed by Jayson1000 3 / 10

"Inspired by true events" WARNING huge spoiler- read after watching!

I registered simply to settle the overwhelming urge I had to comment on this film. Firstly I am keen to know if this film was actually inspired by true events, if so what were they (as I have been able to find no reference to them despite a thorough search), and if not was it a lame attempt to add intrigue? As has already been stated it seems the director left one of the first comments. I nearly fell off my chair laughing at the "If anything, the girl and the ghost kind of bond" remark. Seriously, if leading a girl out onto the reef so she meets her doom by stepping on a stone fish is bonding, then I have led a very sheltered life where getting close to someone doesn't involve topping them. If Im honest I did find the film watchable, but far too many loose ends and contradictions. A ghost who can appear and disappear yet can wield a knife and stab people? When she did make an appearance there was nothing ghostly about her at all, just looked like a native islander. How did the ghost dig the graves, operate a camcorder and plant a mobile phone in her hut? If she was a man hater why kill Beth? And why did Beth take over as chief resident hauntress? And for me the crunch, the guy who dropped them on the island clearly knew something dodgy was going on there to look all concerned when leaving them and spout the line "If you decide to leave early, call me". He seems like a nice bloke so why didn't he just tell them "Hey guys you know this island is just not right, ill drop you off on one of the other 599 where you will remain alive". Priceless.. and made me laugh. For that I rate this as an unintentional Thrill-Com.

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