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Christine Evangelista as Jenna Hughes
Inbar Lavi as Lillith trog
Sofia Pernas as Mira Antonova
Adrian R'Mante as Storm Johnson
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Reviewed by Flow 3 / 10

Far from good!

Some of the comments here are just a tad bit too good for this movie, as it really does suck and will bore anyone out of their mind, if not get him quite mad because it lacks the basic logic also! You could say that indeed it is some sort of breed between The Descent and The Cave, probably & Creep also, but I think that Underground only got the bad parts from them.

Seriously, this is one of them very bad movies, even the camera work is terrible, as you will see it shaking from time to time, the characters are not so bad OK, but the plot, well we really have a problem here! Cheesy cheesy, cliché, cliché and you can always tell when someone else is going to die! As for the creatures, when you'll hear the explanation for them, you'll probably start laughing, only good part of the movie to be honest.

Bottom line, do try The Descent, The Cave, Creep even Stag Night, but stay awaaaaay from this one! I gave it a 3! Solid 3!

Reviewed by alex (doorsscorpywag) 1 / 10

utter rubbish

Be warned this film is nothing at all like The Cave or The Descent. Both films had a story and employed actors. This tripe has neither. An elite special forces team goes into the base at the beginning and is wiped out. Years later a bunch of morons at a rave get trapped and somehow don't. The 'actors' look slightly bemused as people lose heads and arms and don't even seem that bothered shouting out their lines as if reading them from a card with as much emotion as a baseball bat. A copse of trees could out act this lot. A series of running about scenes interspersed with explanation scenes to keep you from complete boredom later we have the pointless last couple of minutes that may or may not signal a sequel. Not the worst movie ever made but has a damn good try at it. Awful from beginning to end.

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