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Margo Harshman as Mandy
Vinnie Jones as Renner
Danny Glover as Dr. Locke
Beverley Mitchell as Isabelle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leonblackwood 1 / 10

Complete Rubbish! 1/10

Review: What a complete load of rubbish! The acting was awful and as soon as the annoying teenagers came on screen, I completely lost interest. All I remember was this stupid virus that was killing everyone but apart from that, I haven't got a clue about the plot. Danny Glover, who was playing a doctor who was making the virus, has really gone downhill lately and Vinnie Jones plays the usual cockney hard man who is working for the baddies. My expectations for this film were pretty low from the get go, so I'm not surprised that it turned out to be so awful. I won't go on about the film anymore because it just not worth the time or effort. Rubbish!

Round-Up: This awful movie was written and directed by Jason Dudek, who brought you Open Mic in 2001 and Legacy in 2008. Its not really surprising that his movies are unheard of, because if there anything like this one, I doubt that they will ever get an audience. Maybe he should just stick to watching films except for making them? Same goes for Vinnie Jones! 

I recommend this movie to people who are into their drama/sci-fi/horrors starring Taylor Handley, Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, Margo Harshman, Beverley Mitchell and C.S. Lee. 1/10

Reviewed by M MALIK 5 / 10

this film is good for what it is but Margo Harshman is the highlight

toxin is not a bad film it is good for a low budget film and it works its got less action but more dialogs between characters yes you will see Vinnie Jones & Danny glover here too and so as the rest of the cast did a nice job but Margo Harshman deserves a special mention she is so stunning & sexy i just saw this film only for her she is a really good actress and deserves more fame.

Plot of this film is not new but enjoyable & most importantly you get a idea of how sick the governments are a army guy visits her grandmother but the secret government unit is testing a Bio Chemical the place it under the house & everyone gets affected by the virus.

i will not reveal much but i must warn everyone here on IMDb about critics & fake negative reviews please don't listen to them i bought a DVD and it was good i liked it.

what i liked most about this film is the atmosphere,the locations & the way its shot,the director did a nice job Toxin 2015 gets a 5/10 from me is a good film just don't expect a resident evil type flick because its not.

Reviewed by codarayne 8 / 10

Toxin is Infectuous Entertainment

Surprising good sci-fi flick. Some of the performances are over-the-top, but it doesn't take away from the overall entertainment value of the film.

Based on the criteria of whether a film is entertaining or not, Toxin "delivers".

The negative reviews on here don't hold water and they are outliers. First, Dean's best friend suffers a gunshot wound but it is established that he is an eagle scout, so he is able to use the supplies in the schoolhouse to bandage himself up enough to stop the bleeding.

Dean instructs him on how to use the underground tunnels -- which are established in the first act -- in order to meet him at the underground lab.

The virus has a different effect on the characters, some suffer intense quick symptoms and others have more of a slow burn. The female lead is fantastic in her role, as she is the brains of the crew, and watching her lose her mind to the virus is suspenseful.

The climactic sequence has gotten some criticism on the reviews, but they again don't have a leg to stand on. Dean shoots the tank holding the virus. The bullets do not penetrate the glass, but they spiderweb it. The glass is fragile enough from the gunshots so that he is able to throw the gun and penetrate the glass. Very basic logic that the troll reviewers can't seem to grasp.

The end is great, not what you would expect from a film in this genre, and for that I elevate my review to 8 stars.

I can't wait to watch Toxin again when it hits TV and you will not be disappointed if you like the sci-fi genre with some solid dramatic scenes. The film also has a strong theme that is conveyed between the protagonist, Dean, and his sick, hoarding grandmother.

See it. Have fun with it.

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