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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zee 7 / 10

Surprised me, in a good way

I am sooooo not in the audience for a Chris Rock film--or so I would have thought. I'm white, in my 60's, liberal but not urban or indeed hip in any sense, and the only five rap artists I could name are those who went on to acting careers.

And yet...this was a definitely movie for me. It's observational, mature, witty, good-hearted, mostly a rom-com but also about the battle between external expectations and inner desire, young adulthood and maturity.

The plot of the movie, which has everyone but a few good friends wanting poor Andre to keep doing his funny stuff, the talking bear movies, while he wants to do more significant work? That ends up perfectly predicting the audience reaction you see here via the reviews. "Where's the hysterical Chris Rock **** jokes?" people stuck in 1992 want to know.

There is some of that in here...and it's exactly the stuff I hated (Cedric and the whores; the tampon thing--ish, edit them both out) and that made me rate this a couple stars lower than I might have otherwise. So as I pity Andre in the film (omg, having "Hammy!" shouted at you 1000 times day!), I pity Rock even more for living out this life, even in the year since this movie's release, even right here on IMDb, with angry comments by old-school fans of his. Man, that's life imitating art imitating life.

I hope I see more like this from him.

I enjoy that I was able to like all these characters and sympathize with them. I liked the set up for the reveal about Chelsea. I liked how Silk was a stock character you thought you knew, until he wasn't in the final 1/4 of the film. I was tickled. I was moved. I was pressed to think.

(and I did sort of like the rap song running over the end credits, so one never knows, eh?)

Reviewed by Brent Edwards 7 / 10

An entertaining, albeit forgettable, comedy that, despite its faults, is worth watching

Top Five isn't the best comedy I've seen in recent years, and it is largely forgettable throughout, but it is definitely a breath of fresh air in a movie genre that has, in recent years, become flooded with loud, obnoxious, and expensive blockbusters that try much too hard at being funny and end up only genuinely being funny for enough scenes to fill up the time for its preview. Or even worse, they go on to turn the movie into sequels or trilogies only to repeat the same basic plot with a few new characters for the sole purpose of making money, instead of making a quality film.

Top Five is a relatively mature and intelligent comedy throughout, that ends leaving the viewer satisfied, and for some wanting more but still content with it being the conclusion to this particular story and set of characters. I don't normally review movies on IMDb, but due to the irony of some of the cruel and unnecessarily critical reviews of this movie given by a decent amount of users that I read, after watching a movie that spends time shining light on the effects words have on people, no matter how famous, rich, or happy they are/appear to be.

This movie is by no means Chris Rock's masterpiece, but it is an intelligently crafted, and entertaining film that doesn't deserve to be given any less than a 5 rating. The 7 rating I gave it is largely due to the fact that I enjoy Chris Rock's comedy and he showed me in this film that he hasn't lost a bit of talent since his first big break. It's not a movie I would go see in theaters, but if it pops up for streaming on Netflix, its worth a watch for sure.

Reviewed by The_Dan_with_the_iron_fists 4 / 10

Bottom Five

This movie was not very funny for me, most of the jokes are tired and the plot is barely existent.

It does have it's moments where it's somewhat funny but that's like every 10 minutes or so leaving like 9 minutes of you wondering when you are going to laugh or let's be realistic; chuckle again.

The script is also absolutely self-absorbed and self-indulgent, it's clear to see that Chris Rock is playing a version of himself, and in the movie we get to see him struggling being rich and famous and having to deal with bad critics and people asking him for photos and 'friends' asking him for money cause he got millions, boy what a tough life.

I usually like Chris Rock's comedies CB4, POOTIE TANG and BEVERLY HILLS NINJA for instance are some of my favorite comedies PERIOD, but this is not the same kind of comedy I suppose.

So yeah for me this is definitely Bottom Five Chris Rock movies, and I've seen most of them... If the Hammy movies were real I'm sure even they would be funnier...

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