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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 38%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 7 / 10

I Have Seen This Story Many Times- But This One Is Worthwhile

Mike (Josh Randall) and his girlfriend Sheryl (Brianna Brown) travel from Virginia to Lake Kimbrabow State Park in West Virginia to spend the weekend hiking and camping in the woods. They ask for directions to the local guard that advises them to follow the Donner Trail or the Willow Creek Bridge; however, Mike meets the local Ida Forester (Beth Broderick) in the crossroad that tells them that Timber Falls has magnificent landscapes and a wonderful waterfall and the couple decide to go to the place. They stumble with the troublemakers Brody (Branden R. Morgan), Darryl (T.W. Leshner) and Lonnie (Ryan McGee) and Sheryl convinces Mike to get rid off the bullets of his revolver. They camp and in the morning Sheryl is abducted while bathing in a nearby lake. The desperate Mike seeks her, and finds a deranged fanatic religious family that needs them to procreate an offspring.

"Timber Falls" has an unoriginal story that I have seen many times: "The Hills Have Eyes", "Wrong Turn", I can count many movies with stories similar to the original "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and also "Deliverance", "Misery" plus a collection of clichés of the genre. However, the blending is surprisingly good and works, hooking the attention of the viewer until the very last scene. When I see this type of movie, I try to guess what will happen to the prisoners. Will they survive or die? The gore resolution of "Timber Falls" is also great, but the last scene is absolutely unnecessary. I liked very much the performance of Beth Broderick in a contradictory character. The make-up of Deacon is impressive and the locations are stunning. In my opinion, fans of the genre will not be disappointed with this film. My vote is seven.

Reviewed by gary-444 6 / 10

Competent Horror Fare

I watched this film aware of the critical kicking it had received at the hands of the UK Press. It wasn't nearly as bad as I feared it might be .It is Director Tony Giglio's mainstream debut, and you can see the films he enjoyed watching at Film School. The "Hills Have Eyes". "Deliverance", "Misery" "Friday The 13th" all have thematic or visual references .Those who have enjoyed those films will not be disappointed by this .However, therein lies the rub, in terms of originality it is 0/10, as an homage my 6/10 stands.

Aficianados will enjoy the horror staples. Brianna Brown, as toned, wavy haired blonde victim Sheryl is perfect. She screams and moans a lot, and gives us a very enjoyable white lacy underwear moment before some embarrassingly soft porn shots. Heroic boyfriend Mike, played by Josh Randall, is able to take beatings, whippings, brandings, Bear trap entrapment and various other indignities whilst still coming out at the other end as manfully as a hero should. Interestingly although this film has been caught up in the "torture porn" debate, it is Josh who is shown bare chested and writhing much more provocatively than his female heroine.

The cinematography is strong, and the mountain setting in West Virginia beautiful. Although essentially a "painting by numbers" horror plot, the story is lifted by the intelligent performance of Beth Broderick as Ida, the religious fanatic unable to carry a baby full term. One of the problems of the horror genre is that it is impossible to churn out stories each more gory, more horrifying or more titillating than what has gone before. This neither attempts , nor achieves, any of those objectives. That should not disqualify the likes of "Timber Falls" though for a picture soundly made, and well executed.

Reviewed by dschmeding 2 / 10

Clichée on Clichée and topped with a turd

I don't get the comments on "Timber falls"... sure, make-up and setting are nice, acting is decent but thats about it. The plot is a joke... a couple goes hiking in the woods, they meet strange hillbillies who surprise them while trying to have romantic mountain scape sex. Now after being degraded, which clichée comes first (OK, right after the couple lost in the woods clichée)?? Yep, the blonde nurse forces her friend to get rid of his bullets... great. Now lets be unarmed and have some more sex in the tent while watched by sickos and then get kidnapped next day. Yippiee... kidnapped by a god fearing freak family, one with a burnt face and a creepy sickle and the others want the two to make them a baby. Oh yeah... crazy family in the woods, kidnapped couple... Wrong Turn, TCM, Wolf Creek anyone?? Misery, Capitivity anyone?? I can't count on how many tries they had on this last year alone and "Timber falls" also tries to incorporate the now so popular torture sequences. Since the crazy folks want a kid and the couple doesn't want to go on with the mountain scape/tent-fun... well, its torture time! Its all been there exactly the same... the opening reminded me a hell lot of "Wolf creek". Most of all this is technically well done but scripting wise extremely cheesy and at no time chilling, shocking or loaded with any suspense. The kills suck big time... one guy gets an axe in his head in a trashy way I have't seen in a while and when crazy lady gets beheaded... damn that looks lame and computer- generated. And when you think you could have spend your time a lot better you get an ending thats first of all totally unbelievable and Hollywood happy romance and then even tops off with a more unbelievable return of dead and burned sickle man in the last shot (Oh no, please don't you dare to do a sequel!). Hell no... is that a serious movie? Come on, there are so many better movies with nearly the same plot... "Storm warning" comes to mind since its been released around the same time and delivers the violence far more realistic and serious way than this cheap try with a million holes in its paper thin and ripped off plot. Stay away!

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