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Tian jiang xiong shi (2015) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
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John Cusack as Lucius
Adrien Brody as Tiberius
Jackie Chan as Huo An
Sharni Vinson as Lady Crassus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sandy McNair 3 / 10


I wont describe the actual movie here as you will be able to read other reviews already published. I will however will try to avoid you suffering the pain I have just gone through.

I was very disappointed in this movie, perhaps because I expected better from a movie with John Cusack, Adrien Brody, Jackie Chan. Perhaps I should have looked at who was directing the movie such as Daniel Lee and the typical movies he has made.... or maybe it was because the movie was just "really" bad.

I watched the movie on a quiet Wednesday night and I would estimate that a third of the audience left well before the end, some really early. When the credits came up it was like a fire evacuation alert had just came on. Please, Women and Children first.. We will all survive!

Jackie Chan fight scenes were well below par and I thought they were more like a "Charlie Chaplin/Harold Loyd" Silent movie style rather than a "Rush Hour" style.

John Cusack character was extremely boring and I could have fallen asleep in I was at home.

Adrien Brody was the only positive in the movie, but the movie was so bad that his acting was lost.

The child actor was badly filmed (always) like an old Asian hero film and I found the child annoying.

The production and cinematography of the film are cringe-worthy throughout. flashbacks are random and not in line with story. Slow motions are extensive and really annoying.

Recommendation - Go and see something else.

Reviewed by tigdrgn01 10 / 10

One of the Best films I have seen from Jackie Chan in a long time

Allow me to start by saying if you are expecting a non stop action fight film....Don't. This film is one build on story not action. The fight scenes are good but not the best for modern day film goers.

The film depicts events on the Silk Road involving Chinese, Roman, and other countries who travel and protect this region.

I have read other reviews on here concerning this film and give it a low rating due to non-action scenes. This film is not a blow them up and add more dynamite type of film. It makes one think.

Jackie Chan has begun a long line of historical films, that have been ranked low on his career but its these films that he is most proud of. They show a history of China and its surrounding regions that most people in the west would never hear of.

Reviewed by Joshua Xie 3 / 10

Good Choreography, side jokes. Horrible script, story development

While the main message of the movie was about multi-cultural peace (probably what the world needs now), choreography was good (nothing less than expected from a J.C. movie), side jokes to make you giggle from this otherwise boring plot, nothing else about the movie was able to redeem it from it's cliché story progression and bad script.

1) The message about multicultural peace was smacked right in audience faces left, right, up, down from the beginning of the show. To make things worst, coupled with cheesy lines, it made a profound and wise motif seem plain cheesy, overly-simplified and lacked the depth it should have had.

2) Despite the strong development of major characters, minor/side characters were not grounded enough. Fickle change in beliefs by side characters (people of the Wild Geese Gate), once again, made the story look superficial and badly developed.

Unfortunately, great choreography, scene shots and strong casts could not save it from its draggy, underdeveloped plot and horrible script.

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