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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leonasunflower1978 7 / 10

quite lovely!

Having read the 2 reviews on here and seen some of the critics reviews I wasn't expecting a lot from this film. I'm a fan of peep show and Robert Mitchell in general so thought I'd give it a go and was pleasantly surprised! If you take this film for what it is, a light hearted comedy romp, it's actually quite enjoyable. Rufus Hound, who I have never heard of or seen before, was rather irritating to begin with in a Ricky gervais kind of way and I was worried this would ruin the film, but his character really grew on me and I think I was a bit in love with him by the end! The characters are all likable and amusing in their own ways and I'm sure some of them are fairly true to life, particularly the rich society women who are the "friends" of the mother of the bride! I found myself chuckling through a lot of the film and laughed out loud several times and left the cinema with a nice warm glow! It may not be a lasting classic but it's a fun, sweet and enjoyable film and I would give it 7/10

Reviewed by kath_henderson 7 / 10

Perfectly Enjoyable

There seems to be a throng of Wedding based films recently. After Bridesmaids but it could've been Four Weddings and a Funeral that really started the trend. Whatever the root it seems both Hollywood and Britain are enamoured by the sheer social minefield that it causes. The worst of human beings are exposed in this high stress scenario, the glamour and need to show the guests a fabulous time tend to overwhelm the fact that this is, at the end, an expression of love between two people. Which should be the easiest thing in the world but is just... not...

Even though every single idea that could surround the central theme of the wedding has been explored, especially the Hen/Stag Parties, this film tries find a unique idea the Best Man making a Wedding Video as a gift to his brother, the Groom. In doing so he records the build up to one of the most stressful experiences the poor Bride has ever endured. The Brides Mother taking a lot of creative control in the matter causing much vitriol between the Bride and Groom.

It's a very predictable affair. But there's a lot enjoyable aspects. I personally found the visibility of the camera refreshing, knowing a character was in control of gave the actors the chance to really react to the absurdity of the situation and also feel the embarrassment of it being captured. It added a layer to the proceedings which was fun to watch, plus Rufus Howard's character trying to be creative and shoot as much as possible, plus the microphone man, Matt Berry, causing arguments and writing songs. The decadence of the Mother of the Bride was always a good mine for comedy too. But it's all subjective really and how much experience you have with weddings. Of course everyone will find humour in different jokes.

I thought the acting was particularly good. Rufus Hound, who I've never really considered as a Leading Man, or even an actor, having only seen him on panel shows, was really quite good. The man can definitely act and he really sold the emotional beats along with the comedy. Lucy Punch is always fantastic and completely underrated for some reason. Harriet Walters was fabulous as the Mother and Robert Webb was perfectly lovely as the nervous Groom.

There's nothing remotely surprising but there's a lot to be enjoyed. It's well acted, got a few funny bits and still manages to strive for a unique thread even though we know the ending by a mile off. It's the journey though, hanging around with these perfectly lovely characters and watching a wedding you're damn well pleased you won't be involved with.

Reviewed by wrj-586-978228 8 / 10

A very fun movie

I read some of the other reviews posted about this movie, and wanted to add my voice to the mix. I disagree with others that this movie was a train wreck. I watched the movie on a flight from London back to Los Angeles, and enjoyed it very much. In fact, I found myself laughing out load so many times, I was worried the flight attendants or other passengers might think I was a basket case.

The concept, I thought, was a good one. The interaction between the groom, his brother and some of their friends was fresh and fun. Rufus Hound was absolutely perfect in the role of the goofy brother, trying to do well by his marrying brother. The movie , also finds Lucy Punch in a role as someone other than the crazy friend/girlfriend/stalker. She proved herself to be more beautiful, funny and a better actress than I had previously thought her to be, and I look forward to seeing her in more substantial roles in the future. But maybe the best part of the movie was the undertone of competition that constantly occurred among the mothers of the brides-to-be.

The end was slow, and could have been improved upon, but overall I thought this movie was very fun.

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