The Wedding Pact


Comedy / Romance

The Wedding Pact (2014) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 13%
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Haylie Duff as Elizabeth Carter
Alison Becker as Date #3
Angie Everhart as Laura
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by camaway 1 / 10

The dullest movie I watched in a long time.

My wife is into romantic comedies and I end up watching lots of them. Some I tolerate, some I even enjoy. Well, not this one. This is without a doubt one of the most insipid movies I have watched in a long time.

Rarely one has the chance to see a movie without a single redeeming quality. Well this is the one: the acting is bad, the script is worse, the dialogue is so dull it's like watching a pair of goldfish staring at each other in an aquarium, the characters and their motivations are so two-dimensional and cliché you feel like you are watching cardboard cut-outs acting.

It's not the worst movie ever made, it's just bad and dull and I cannot honestly recommend it to anybody.

Reviewed by Manchu2 1 / 10

Horrible waste of time - go to acting school!!!

This film had absolutely no storyline, no budget, no actors worth watching. The parts that were supposed to be funny just weren't - not only because of the bad jokes but also due to bad performances of all the actors. Acting wise, I felt like watching a porn movie just without the naked people. The dog was the best actor in the whole film. This review has to be at least 10 lines long to be submitted, and to be honest there is absolutely NOTHING left to say about this movie to fill up that space. But to give some examples: the way the characters met was completely random, the fake wig of the main character in his college outfit was just too obvious. The poor attempt to make the movie more 'artsy' by moving back and forth in time doesn't work, just seems like the editor was asleep himself while trying to edit this film. Maybe that's due to the extremely slow pace of this film in general and especially the first 15 minutes. Watch this movie only when you're into masochistic activities... can't wait for the sequel...

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