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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by movie-op 9 / 10

Darkly hilarious

Everyone's favorite director/graphic novelist Marjane Satrapi worked from someone else's material for the first time in The Voices, a dark, weirdly funny story that will appeal to those who enjoyed 2012's genre-bending Cabin in the Woods.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Jerry, a sweet but troubled man who has conversations with his cat Mr. Whiskers, his dog Bosco, and the human heads he keeps stored in the fridge. Much credit has to go to screenwriter Michael R. Perry, who manages to make Jerry likable despite his homicidal streak. With much of the story being filtered through Jerry's skewed perception, Satrapi is able to play with the visuals, jumping between what Jerry sees and the reality of his situation to hilarious effect.

This is an empathetic film, but first and foremost it's insanely funny. My major take-away from it: never trust Mr. Whiskers.

Reviewed by scurvytoon 10 / 10

The cat made me write this review

I've always liked Ryan Reynolds starting with his early Canadian work but even having read the tag line, never in a million years did I see this one coming. What a wonderful surprise.

The Voices is a brilliant film about schizophrenia that balances horror and comedy with such aplomb you forget that what's happening on the screen isn't exactly healthy or good. Gemma Arterton joins Mr Whiskers and Bosco in some of the most entertaining internal conflicts to be shown on screen in years. Mr Whiskers hilariously confirms our deepest and darkest fears about cats while Bosco is the voice of reason. Let's be clear about this, Jerry is deeply disturbed and he needs help but that doesn't keep you from being sucked into his strange world. His life in the real world at the bathtub factory hides a whole lot of crazy going on in his head. Jerry at his core is happy there and he likes his co workers, too bad about the little accident that starts it all going down hill.

If you like your comedy strange, you too will be a fan of this film. From the basic premise of talking animals to the happy joy joy feeling Jerry gets when his "problems" seem to go away, all the way to the end you will be smiling at how good the story is. And what an end, you know it's going there and you know it's all for the best, he's after all a good guy and does the only thing he can. His reward? well you have to watch all the way to the end. But I do promise you this, you'll be wanting to dance to very possibly the most uplifting song since somebody serenaded a man eating plant.

Don't let this one pass you by.

Reviewed by cfish-4 8 / 10

An empathetic story about schizophrenia

Of all the psych thrillers I watch, this movie is the most empathetic look. It tells us how far we have come to demystify mental illness.

The protagonist Jerry is schizophrenic and hallucinating, but as least he's not a paranoid (e.g. twelve monkeys) And he's actually somewhat aware that he hallucinates. And we see the story through Jerry's narrative. We could see why he didn't want to take his medications. We learned about the traumatic events that brought Jerry the conclusion that he must kill. We learn about his version of love. The story takes the audience through an empathetic journal within his mind.

The darkness of the mind often bring out sick sense of humor as a coping mechanism. Comedians are some of the darkest people out there. I don't think I laughed much watching this movie, but I feel the sadness of understanding Jerry's hopeless being.

I have to agree with other reviewers that the trailer could be misleading because it doesn't give an inkling about how dark the story is. But I think it's a good story nonetheless. It explains how the mentally ill could see and understand the world different from the healthy. Death, for example, is understood very differently from Jerry's perspective. To him, death means love. We could how he came to this conclusion from his trauma.

Some reviewers balk at the poor logic - to me, they are the lucky people who have never experienced serious mental illness. Good for them. To those other people with more openness and empathy, I hope the story tells them that the logical thing to do depends on the context of one's understanding of the world.

It's a sad story of hopelessness, but in a way, also makes me feel empathy, love and warmth for the protagonist.

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