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Dougray Scott as Roger Holmes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Argemaluco 5 / 10

The Vatican Tapes

I was attracted by the idea of a horror film directed by Mark Neveldine, whose previous filmography includes the delirious and very entertaining films Crank and Crank: High Voltage (which he co- directed with Brian Taylor). Unfortunately, The Vatican Tapes ended up being a tedious horror film with a rancid screenplay which recycles every single cliché from the films about satanic possession: the tormented priest, the manifestations... No. I'm not going to waste time mentioning all the clichés, because we all know them by heart. It will be enough with saying that The Vatican Tapes is completely lacking of suspense and creativity. The performances are absolutely apathetic and lacking of conviction; not even the usually brilliant actors Michael Peña and Djimon Hounsou display any enthusiasm or credibility in their roles. Another problem from this movie is the fact that Neveldine employs extreme close-ups over and over again, creating an atmosphere which couldn't achieve the desired effect of anxiety; it just gets confusing and boring due to its visual monotony. In conclusion, The Vatican Tapes is a weak and unsatisfactory film, and I can't recommend it. If Neveldine wanted to experiment with horror cinema, he should have made Crank 3: Possessed; I'm sure that Chev Chelios wouldn't have stayed in his bed contorting himself waiting for a demon to consume him. In the Crank universe, Chelios possesses demons.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 7 / 10

Certainly not the worst movie about possession like some want to make us believe

Here we go again with the negative reviewers. I wonder what's wrong with those people? You are not going to tell me that this is the worst horror movie you ever saw, because then you talk a lot of bull... Okay it's not the best movie about possession or exorcism but it sure ain't the worst one. You can not compare it with The Exorcist because that movie was one of the first one about that subject and for that time it had everyone on the tip of their chair. Linda Blair will probably remain the best actress as a possessed person but it doesn't mean that other actors can't play that role. I thought Olivia Taylor Dudley did a good job with her performance. Looking innocent and then pure evil, to me it all looked real, and that's what's it all about with movies like this one. I surely was entertained and I saw hundreds of worse horror movies then The Vatican Tapes. Don't believe the haters here because they don't know what they are talking about.

Reviewed by manuelasaez 4 / 10

I'm getting tired of the Catholic approach to Exorcisms

As far as exorcism films go, this movie is as vanilla as they come. I don't remember any cursing, there were were uncomfortable body contortions by the possessed girl, but it was just so basic. It's the same tired set-up time and time again; girl is possessed, they call a Catholic priest, he has to convince the Vatican that the girl is possessed and get clearance to perform an exorcism. With other religions, you don't need to go through all of that noise. Pentecostals, for example, believe that people can in fact be possessed. If someone is possessed, they begin the process right away. No waiting, no red tape. The creepy, cult-like nature of the Catholic church just makes the whole process needlessly complicated. If someone believes that they are possessed, get the damn demon out if them, got-dammit. That being said, the acting is okay, the special effects were passable, and the ending was better than I expected. But overall, the premise of this movie has already been done TO DEATH. let's get some new ideas thrown into the mix now. Instead of a girl, make it a boy. Instead of Catholic priests, make it a Pentecostal Pastor. Just change the formula. It's no longer scary when you don't believe in what is trying to scare you.

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