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Luke Arnold as Jim 'Tangles' Williams
Goran D. Kleut as Stalker
Peter McAllum as Government Minister
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Reviewed by antfarm9 10 / 10

Had low expectations but was pleasantly surprised.

I was really not expecting much from this film probably because I was under the impression that it would be more of the same ol' same ol'. I'm happy to report that this film was INTENSE !!! It was creepy in a Blair Witch sort of way but a lot more frightening. While watching it, you can't help but feel this could happen to you. Feels very real - a very visceral intense experience that will definitely stay with you the next time you are taking a train. A treat for urban explorers+ horror fans too. I think it's even cooler that it was a low budget film supported by film fans on the Interwebs! I'm glad it turned out this good. Let this be a lesson to Hollywood. Definitely recommended.

Reviewed by nessundorma-1 7 / 10

Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch & Rec ...

First thing first... Turn OFF the lights, put your headphones on and send everyone from the room away and ONLY then ... click PLAY!

I can tell your right now, that if you are fan of all mentioned movies, you will most probably like this one too. There is everything you would expect from "real" horror movie.

I was tensed when I was watching & I can say it is interesting and probably the most realistic of all similar movies. Not because of the quality of the movie, but because of this can REALLY be true. Don't take me wrong, I am not saying that I actually believe in this, but it is more likely to happen than all of the "predecessors"

I don't want to and I will not spoil you experience from the movie, so I will not tell you what is really going on or what will they discover down there, but I will say, that you will be scared. If I would imagine myself in situation like that ... oh my god!

The movie has great scene and it has stupid moments. As the title suggest, there will be dark. Every good movie shows just a glimpse, this one is not different. Maze underground, only feint of light, creepy sounds, strange movements, loud breathing and ...

You will see... but I can recommend this movie if you are a horror fan. I was expecting less from this one. Despite the fact, that there are some elements, like "randomly" places cameras on the ground, always shooting the important thing or running and screaming and still shooting the right direction and things like these, pretty decent movie.

There is only one thing from holding me give more points ...When I first saw Blair Witch I was thrilled and really scared! Most of all I BELIEVED in what I have seen that time, I BELIEVED that I was watching a "REAL FOOTAGE". After couple of months I have found out, that it was a fake and nothing of it happened. This time I don't believe... maybe it is based of true story maybe not, I don't know and I don't care. Couple of years ago it would be 9/10.

The most important thing for me in this case is ... Really good movie! To believe or not, it is purely up to YOU!

Reviewed by TylerMW1984 8 / 10

Very Intense.....

WOAH..... really wanted to switch this movie off as I was practically on the floor I was that much on the edge of my seat! I'm not really into he shaky camera/found footage movies as the majority of them lack creativity and seem to copy off one another and end up relying on cheap scares or the same old jump out of your seat scenes..

This was something else, I was shaking at one point and was finding myself wanting to turn it off, making excuses to walk out the room just so I could compose wimpy as I sound, i'm a massive horror fan, but this movie had me quite a nervous wreck!!!!! I can't praise this movie enough and would definitely recommend to horror fans alike!

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