The Toxic Avenger Part II


Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi

The Toxic Avenger Part II (1989) download yts

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Michael Jai White as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
Keith Allen as Second Messenger
Lloyd Kaufman as Sumo Wrestler / Fish Salesman
Michael Jai White as Apocalypse Inc. Executive
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hellrider 9 / 10

oooooh, phoebe I love you

As with the first and third films in the toxic avenger series, I loved it. I'm not really sure why, but I found myself enjoying this more than I probably should have. Again like the 1st and 3rd it's silly, mad, daft, and pointless... but who cares! Whoever said films had to be anything more than an entertaining way to kill time is lying. Films don't have to make you think. So It's not exactly going to win awards, but that shouldn't matter. See the first three films in the series and laugh at the things you should and shouldn't and enjoy each for their ability to be completely deranged.

Reviewed by Taketsuo 8 / 10

Victim of Troma's poor marketing decisions

Toxic Avenger part II receives a lot of flak from reviewers, and I am not surprised: Troma, in their foolishness, decided to sell the R-rated version on DVD with cover boasting an unrated cut. Ignorant consumers naturally thought this WAS the unrated cut, which is but a pile of forgettable dross with all the gleeful violence and nudity cut out by the MPAA. (and most inexplainably of all, the fate of the Japanese thug girl is completely removed, which doesn't contain any hardcore violence in the first place!) Unfortunately (or fortunately, rather) I have only heard about the notorious censored version, as I myself got the Tox Box which contained the TRUE unrated cut, and trust me when I say that it is almost on par with the first movie. The first film was a huge hit in Japan, and Troma received additional sponsorship from that very country, which is why they went there to make their film. Naturally, the plot to get Toxie to Japan is absolutely ridiculous, but that's Troma for you.

Personally, I rate this film actually higher than the first, mostly because of the much higher production values which do indeed show: gone are the pumpkin-head children and cheap gore effects, as this time we see some genuine splatter, such as a man being squeezed to death in a wheelchair, literally causing him to spill his guts...or a man being chopped up by a very distracted fish marketer!

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