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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
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Mekhi Phifer as The Suspect
William Sadler as Sheriff Dixon
Derek Roché as Deputy Riley
James McCaffrey as Polaski Sheriff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paduka 9 / 10

Fantastic, original storyline with plenty of twists & turns

This is the first time I am writing a review on IMDb and I am doing this for two reasons: 1). Because this is a truly great movie that deserves a review 2). To boost up the ratings because I am truly shocked that the film has received such poor ratings (so far)

I will not give much away (and nor should you do much reading on the plot) because this is one of those movies where the less you know, the better it is. The settings are very simple yet effective. And with a storyline like this there was no need for all the mumbo jumbo CGI, special effects, blasts and the whole malarkey. There are so many twists in this film and you will be glued right on the get go.

When I first watched the film, there were no reviews/ratings available as it had just been released, so I was very much looking forward to the reviews and see that (not if) other viewers enjoyed it as much as I did. Now that I see the ratings, I felt compelled (like the other reviewers here) to urge people to watch it as it is truly a remarkable, original and SMART film. So please, do yourself a favour and watch it- you will NOT be disappointed!

Reviewed by alshwenbear1 7 / 10

We need more intelligent movies like "THE SUSPECT"

Some of us while watching a film, look for unpredictability, and on my opinion 95 per cent of the movies are about the same, crime with a cliché, zombie with a cliché, etc... with a cliché, and when you find an argument that is telling you nothing, I mean teasing you with the same question: "What is really happening here?" and then immerse and interest you without giving a real clue, that's what I CALL A GOOD ONE!

I came into "The suspect" waiting for something that would turn off my attention within fifteen minutes, instead, after an hour or so, I was with eyes glued to the screen, no blood, no shootings, no CGI, but a story, not build in great suspense, but properly elaborated, and I wondered how come movies like this fall into the great pit of indifference... because most moviegoers are lazy and dumb? The acting is good, at moments like watching live theater, more interestingly the plot takes a turn as if Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad) had something to do with it.

The writer and director's name is STUART CONELLY and hopefully his work catches the attention of a TV network, or a big movie studio, because frankly, we need more intelligent movies like "THE SUSPECT"

My recommendation is: watch this movie of you are looking for a smart and twisted ending! And as always no spoilers in here.

Reviewed by OJT 8 / 10

Interesting and unpredictable thriller with racial issues

A perfect start to a film is watching landscapes and the introduction to a venue, while listening to a radio updating you. In seconds you are put into the situation. A small town has just experienced a bank robbery. And a sheriff of a completely white small town leaves the police car to start an interrogation of a black man which is suspected of the robbery. Simply great, and a great start of the film.

I like a film that is different, and this is very original both in the storytelling and in the plot. I was engaged in the story all the way through, though it's a little bit confusing. There's even some flash backs to help you understand. By no way perfect, but still interesting and engaging. On a large budget this would have potential to be a large hit.

William Sadler is great as the sheriff, as is Mekhi Phifer as the suspect. It's a low budget production but they have made the best out of it. Talented film making by first time offender Stuart Connelly! Go see it!

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