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The Single Moms Club (2014) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thesavagette 1 / 10

Laughable at Best!

First off all, whenever I see Tyler Perry's name on a movie ad, I just laugh. I mean, seriously I don;t if the dude is trying to save money and just writes his own scripts but man, his dialogue in this film is cheaper than dirt.

When I saw this trailer, I was kind of excited - not going to lie. It looked decent but when I was seeing the movie the acting was so laughable I couldn't take anything seriously. The whole movie was predictable. It was cliché'. It felt like the script-writer had a deadline and wrote the script the night before pulling an all-nighter.

This movie is basically about 5 single mother's who happen to become "friends" after sharing the same struggles with their kids. Somehow, the man character wants to be a writer and her book is not getting published. Then this dude (Tyler Perry) tries to sweep her off her feet. Seriously, does Tyler Perry have to do everything in his films? I mean, if you're not a good actor then stay off the screen please!

Reviewed by patrsyjeanclark 1 / 10

Men needed

This movie was awful. They all talk about the single moms club but they repeatedly complain about the men paying their alimony, child support and talk about getting new men and fixing each other up. A TRUE single mother is one that has no father - no alimony, no child support and the father is gone. As in passed away, in jail or otherwise absent. Not a man who wants to co-parent and contributes financially. These women needed a MAN to help them build their sets for the kids play. This is horrible. It is an insult to REAL single mothers (widows) who have no option to fight and fuss with an ex. How about they do a story about the war widows who are REAL single mothers. Pathetic movie. The only reason I rated a "1" is because there was no option for anything less.

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