The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior


Adventure / Fantasy

The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior (2008) download yts

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Randy Couture as Sargon
Karen David as Layla
Michael Copon as Mathayus
Natalie Becker as Astarte
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peace-chaos 1 / 10

This movie is like a hurricane...It sucks AND blows!!

If I could give this movie zero out of ten, I would! It TOTALLY SUX!!! Badly written, badly acted, badly directed/produced, bad music, crappy story line...I could go on and on.. I can't believe they actually put this movie out on DVD. I want my $5.00 back. What a waste. Everyone in this movie speaks modern English...All of the accents are completely different(not because they're supposed to be either)...the worst one of all being the people who don't even TRY, and talk like they're walking around the mall instead of taking their roles seriously. no wonder The Rock wouldn't do this movie. After the first three minutes I wanted to bash my own head into a brick wall!! THIS IS THE FIRST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN THAT WAS SO INCREDIBLY HORRIBLE I HAD TO COMMENT ABOUT IT ON THIS OR ANY OTHER SITE. For the love of God, don't watch this'll make you wish you had lost all of your senses the second you pushed play.

P.S. The writers/directors/producers/casting agents/actors in/of this movie should be locked in a brick room and be forced to watch this movie nonstop while the rest of us take bets on how long it takes for one of them to bash their way through the wall with their head... THAT very well could be the only method that lot has of effectively entertaining anyone with this movie.

Reviewed by Scott Baldwin (Meven_Stoffat) 1 / 10

Hey, kiddies! Did you enjoy the first Scorpion King? *sucker punch*

I remember seeing the first Scorpion King in the theater and I LOVED it. It had pretty much everything I could expect in a spin-off from The Mummy- Great action, lots of witty humor and very beautiful Egyptian location, and THE ROCK! What a fantastic and underrated . Now I saw the trailer for this one and thought "Another one?". Sadly, it looks like I was right. *Another* one. A movie I could laugh, cry, and gawk at how bad it is. So I decided to rent it anyways, because, well, hey, it's a Scorpion King movie. And oh, I couldn't even make it all the way through. It's that bad... well, actually it's WORSE!!!!! The location is AWFUL and nothing like the other movie which had BEAUTIFUL scenery in Egypt, the actors seem to have gotten their acting talents from 4 year olds, the battle scenes are awful too- shaky camera, constant jump edits, it's like you're having a seizure the whole time. Oh and the dialog is mind-numbingly awful too. Overall, if you like mindless idiocy that's so-called "Cinema", be sure not to miss this stinker.

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