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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by english_artist 1 / 10

Terrible .......

I don't mind watching the odd horror movie which has you on the edge of your seat with a decent story and great acting. (or even average acting) This has none of them, its like something a bunch of kids would make with gore for the sake of it and silly cheap thrills like young girls half naked messing around in a room it has absolutely no suspense or story nothing keeps you gripped to the screen to see what happens next. I actually started to fast forward the movie in places hoping things would improve..... but they did not.

If you gave a camera and some fake blood to a teenage and told him to go and make a horror movie this is what he would come up with

Reviewed by reptar300 1 / 10

The real scare is watching this movie

Just by watching the trailer you can get a good idea of what this movie is going to be about. I am a big horror buff, and I enjoy even the worst B-rated horror movies. Scarehouse is definitely in that category, but it takes a swing and misses on many aspects that other B-rated movies do well.

Let me say this before continuing. Horror movies lately have rarely ever made me truly feel a moment of dread, but they typically have a story you can roll your eyes at, but The Scarehouse is painful to watch even for the strongest movie buff.

I wont give a synopsis since you can read it on IMDb, but I will say that it's a petty story of revenge. The movie looks like it was done on a budget, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The setting fits very well for the direction the story wanted to go in. I did enjoy that there were no moments when I couldn't see what was happening and there are never any moments that purposely attempt to make you jump. That is about the only place this movie shines at. The acting honestly is not bad. All the actress did a believable job for a horror movie of this class, but the short roles of the male actors felt unrehearsed and thrown together to quickly.

The problem with this movie is its terrible story telling. You are given bits and pieces of past events through out the movie, and by time the climax comes it still doesn't feel like any of the actions are justified even slightly. The whole movie plays out like an emotional teenagers diary. I usually don't mind revenge tales, but this one just didn't pull me in.

FINAL VERDICT: For a horror movie the lead actresses are the only reason you may stay. The performance is not Oscar worthy, but I did not find myself hating it. The story is poorly done and ruins any possible chance of enjoying this movie. Mixed with torture and a late climax you're better off watching paint dry for the evening.

Reviewed by HorrorOverEverything 3 / 10

Unlikeable Characters, Stale Story, Awful Soundtrack

*Review Contains Light Spoilers But Nothing That Will Ruin The Film*

I'll start off by saying I have nothing to do with this film at all. I'm not from the cast or crew and it wasn't shot in my hometown. It's very obvious that 90% of the reviews for this film so far are fake, so just getting out of the way that I am simply a movie watcher who went into this with an open mind.

So with that said I just have to say this was a pretty bad movie. Right from the beginning I was tempted to shut it off, the cast was just so annoying it made it really hard to continue, but I sucked it up and decided to finish the movie. Once the ball gets rolling we realize that this is a tale of revenge, two sorority girls getting back at their sisters for something unknown to us at this point. It's an alright idea, but the execution was awful.

The girls stage a haunted house in order to play out their revenge on their sisters, the only thing is that the two girls and the rest of the cast were extremely unlikeable. There really is no one at all to root for in the movie, every single character is really a bad person at their core so you kinda just want everyone to get killed. We are treated to A LOT of dialogue between the cast and this is where the movie got really bad, why would we want to see a bunch of unlikeable people have drawn out conversations about things we don't care about?

So then the killing starts, which is one of the slightly positive things I can say about this film, there are one or two good kill scenes. But that's it, with all these victims they could have at least gone the route of taking them out in gory ways, but instead we get one or two decent kills and the rest are fairly tame or done off screen.

Also the soundtrack it definitely worth mentioning, because it is so bad. I was tempted to mute my TV on a few parts so that I wouldn't have to listen to these awful generic party songs.

Overall this movie is just a big mess. The one thing they did do really well at was making an hour and twenty minutes feel like an eternity. Ignore the fake reviews and skip the one, you are better off watching Sorority Row or one of the other many all female cast horror movies that did the concept MUCH better than "The Scarehouse"

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