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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shawnblackman 4 / 10

Take it With a Grain of Salt

A​ whole bunch of students get together for big beach party where they have to turn in their phones for a Vegas rules party. They don't want anybody recording something they shouldn't plus this gives the writer the opportunity to explain why they won't have their phones later on. You see where kids drag over a hideous pod type thing they found. The morning after the party people wake up to realize everyone who was on the sand is gone. The first movie I thought of when watching this was Blood Beach(1980) which is similar with a hint of Sand Sharks(2011). This one entertains though. The plot may seem ridiculous but you are on the edge of your seat hoping they don't touch the sand because if any part of your body touches the sand the creature has you. This is where the CGI effects kicked in which sucked but the tension made up for the cheesy computer blood. People would have wondered what's going on watching them film this because seeing them trying different ways to cross the sand without touching it was funny like using surfboards and inflatable rafts plus the sand would suck them in after chewing for a bit. I mean we see the CGI and spectators wouldn't. You will enjoy this guilty pleasure but be warned it goes from tense moment to tense moment and try not to let to logic get in the way. 4/10.

Reviewed by shayislandshay 5 / 10

Predictable but fun horror

I watched it from beginning to end.I didn't have high expectations of the movie but the acting was good.No cardboard wooden acting.Its definitely NOT the worst movie of 2015.Talk about hyperbole.A group of young adults are trapped on a beach where something deadly has spawned overnight in the sand..There is some gore,not a lot.Its positively funny at times not because of cheese factor but because of some of the characters.Think Cabin Fever.The plot is thin but I watched it just to see who would survive.It tries to be more intelligent than it is but at the same time if you have a sense of makes light of itself at the right times too.I laughed out loud at a couple scenes.I really enjoyed The Sand,although it fails to be The Ruins or Don't Blink.If you like those movies you'll enjoy The Sand.Five stars for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Reviewed by nelvist 5 / 10

Really guys?

OK. I never post on this site but the I read the reviews and almost decided not to watch the movie.. But said screw it. And because of that I'll say this.. In fact I felt so strongly about it I registered to IMDb.

The hyper-negative reviews were either from an opposing production company or one person who hates this company and was wired to slay them.

this is a B movie. Don't expect Star Wars. I'll tell you all the flaws with the movie..

• the movie proceeds slowly. Think Tremors except that the monster can't reach you unless the plot needs it to.

• the monster's abilities change.. Drastically. Sometimes you can hold your hand out and it can't reach you at 4 inches away. Sometimes its passive tentacles can reach 3 feet to deliver heinous toxins. Sometimes it can't detect you at all if you don't touch the sand. Sometimes it can grab an object with enough precision to open the door handle of a car. Sometimes it can't eat through a shoe sole. Sometimes it can flatten a tire. Sometimes it can punch through steel. They could have thought it out a little better.

• Empty cup syndrome. For HEAVEN'S SAKE PUT WATER IN THE CUP! No actor seems to be good enough to fake realistic drinking from an empty cup!

• the sand consumption effects were inconsistent. Sometimes it left a mark in the sand. Sometimes it melted someone. Sometimes the sand was unchanged. I realize they wanted variety. I'd have gone a bit more gory and spent 1000 dollars on actual sand moving effects.

• And by far the worst part.. By FAAAR.. the actors all had some sort of short term memory loss. Two friends die at once but for twenty minutes they only recall one of them. The second to die no less.. Half the movie is spent telling one guy how much he is loved but he dies RIGHT NEXT TO THEM and they never even check if he's alive, ever, not even in passing or vaguely before bolting, nonchalantly and slowly, for safety. No call for help. Nothing. Don't even bother to glance in his direction. That's some love.

The CG could have used a little work but none of it was ever transparent unless you are extremely bored and somewhat masochistic and watch the movie in slow motion. I have no idea why anyone would do that yet people clearly did.

All in all, it was a decent B Movie that could have moved a little faster or at least shown more boobs. I actually enjoyed it. It would have been better with twice as many survivors to die and a bit more work on the science of what the monster could and couldn't do and maybe a week or two more work on the CG.. with some research on jellyfish and tentacles.

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