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Reviewed by Atreyu_II 8 / 10

The good and the bad of 'The Rescuers Down Under'

The 29th animated Disney classic is, without a doubt, one of the only Disney sequels worth something. It is also one of the only sequels which belong to the canon list of Disney classics.

This is a sequel to the classic 'The Rescuers' from 13 years before and it's quite different than what it was originally going to be. Instead of a sequel about Penny living happy with her adoptive parents, this is a brand new adventure.

With the exception of Bernard, Miss Bianca and Mr. Chairman, the characters are all different. Almost the entire cast is different too, except Bob Newhart, Eva Gabor and Bernard Fox.

To be fair, the original movie is far superior. That I definitely agree. However, some people consider this to be a disgrace and honestly it isn't that bad. Comparing to most Disney sequels, this is much better.

Although this movie is brand new, it is naturally inspired by the original's idea. That's why it is so equal and so different at the same time.

This time, instead of the Devil's Bayou, our mice heroes (Bernard and Bianca) go to Australia to save not a little girl, but a little boy named Cody who is in more danger than Penny was.

Instead of Orville, this time who takes them to their destiny is his humorous brother Wilbur. There are no swamp animals this time and surprisingly no Evinrude. I'm surprised because Evinrude joins the RAS at the end of the original movie. Jake is their guide. Instead of Medusa, Snoops and Brutus & Nero, now the villain is an evil poacher named McLeach and his sidekick is a goanna named Joanna.

Initially Orville was going to be in this movie, but after Jim Jordan's death in 1988 they created Wilbur with the voice of the comedian John Candy. That was a better and more clever solution than replacing the original voice. At least on this nobody can say they didn't do the right thing.

The good of this movie: the sceneries are amazing, you can appreciate the natural beauty of Australia, that wonderful country nearly at the end of the world; Joanna is a comic relief, she's simply hilarious; there are some nice songs (such as the morbid "Home on the Range" by McLeach and the very lively "Black Slacks" by Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones); this movie is fun, has danger, action, adventure, darkness and classic humor; it has got one of the best Disney villains and one of my favorite Disney villains (McLeach); Wilbur is a very amusing character; Cody is a good boy; the glorious scenes with Cody and the magnificent & enormous golden eagle Marahute; it is one of the only good and watchable Disney sequels.

The bad of this movie: mostly the disturbing moments with Wilbur suffering emotionally and physically at the hospital; the fact that the animals which are McLeach's prisoners are forgotten at the end, without knowing what happens to them; Wilbur is forgotten too and left all alone, but in a different way (still he is neglected); some characters aren't that appealing (such as Frank - although with his funny moments, he overacts and is so exaggerated that he quickly becomes tiring); the whole restaurant sequence, which is absolutely unnecessary and has no purpose for the rest of the film; it lacks character development (something which the first one does better); besides, this isn't as good as the first one, somehow lacking the charm of that one; unfortunately, it may also have been responsible for the mess of Disney sequels that would come in the following years.

Despite its many faults, it is still a good movie. And, together with the original, it was an important part of my wonderful childhood. The intense nostalgia feeling it brings to those who grew up with it (like me) is more than enough to appreciate it better and excuse its faults. Besides, the fact that most Disney sequels pale next to this improves the impression on it. Nevertheless, this movie remains as one of the least appreciated Disney classics and quite underrated.

The villain is a wanted local poacher. He drives a giant monstrous truck. He is pure evil, sadistic, greedy and even creepy at times (such as in one scene when his eyes glow red). He's got a morbid sense of humor, yet his patience is short and he's prone to major anger. So, McLeach is not the right guy to irritate. There's no denying that he is more dangerous, more cruel and more violent than Medusa. He's a killer. Joanna is used and abused by him (both physically and psychologically). Besides, he was gonna feed Cody to the crocodiles! But still he is a great villain.

This should definitely be on Top 250.

Reviewed by Grace Zeh 10 / 10

Pure Disney entertainment

THE RESCUERS, in my opinion, is pure Disney entertainment. It made me feel all warm and tingly when Bernard (voice of Bob Newhart) and Bianca (voice of Eva Gabor) set out on their mission to rescue Cody (voice of Adam Ryen) and the rare golden eagle. If you ask me, McLeach (voice of George C. Scott) was absolutely nefarious. You'll have to see the movie if you want to know why. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that everyone was perfectly cast, the direction was flawless, and Disney has scored a big hit. Also, after having seen this movie, I would love to go to Australia one day. In conclusion, I highly recommend this pure Disney blockbuster to everyone who hasn't seen it. I guarantee you you'll enjoy it.

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