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Samuel Larsen as Tommy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trinipurplestar 1 / 10

Most crap I've seen in a while

This movie was sh*#, I suggest you go watch paint dry instead. The beginning showed potential but as the movie progressed, the pace never changed, it never got interesting and it definitely was not scary. The whole plot was crappy. There really isn't much to comment on with this movie, I waited for over an hour for happen. The most action was within the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes which really wasn't any action at all. I'm guessing the budget was really low because I don't know what really was going on in the movie. I don't really have anything else to say so I'll just end with a popular quote: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." ― Mahatma Gandhi.

Reviewed by ravenhair702 3 / 10

Not a complete waste of time...but don't watch it twice.

The movie starts out interesting and it does pull you in. But as far as jumps and It's the usual family finds a house way cheaper than it should be...(Haunted house red flag...) and moves in. Strange things begin to happen and they try to explain it away when anyone included...would be sent screaming into the streets, clothed or not. The acting is not terrible and the jumps in the film keeps you hanging on hoping for that happy ending you know will never happen. This IS a horror movie, people. It's very rare. All in all not a complete waste of time and me and my wife were actually surprised by the 3.7 rating it received on IMDb. Didn't think it was quite that bad, but the people have spoken. Until the next bad movie.

Reviewed by Mista_K 5 / 10

Wasn't bad but wont be watching second time

After seeing the rating before the movie I was a little hesitant on even starting it. A lot of negative ratings on here but I gotta say the movie wasn't that bad, it started off strong and caught my interest. Some down falls would be some cheesy acting and predictable scenes. The little daughter made an impression on me I feel like she was the best actress of the movie and was convincing in a lot of her scenes, I would say she has a promising career ahead of her especially in horror films.

All in all if your a horror fan the movie is worth a watch, although if you find it to be that bad. Don't regret turning it off you wont miss anything special..

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