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Reviewed by komer83 1 / 10

If you like bad, this is the one for you.

To be honest, I haven't read any reviews before watching this thing, shame I haven't. This movie is complete junk, there's no horror in it, the gore is bad and is only slightly better then the lame text.

Now lets start, the movie doesn't bring anything new to the screen, it follow a pattern of other movies like it. Friends going to the wood, gets killed, end of story. However, other movies following this pattern might bring better effects, better dialogue and much better actors. You can pretty much see this movie is junk right at the start when you hear the sound of the knife and few seconds later, the axe, is the same sound. So they took the same audio file and just copy & paste it every time, they didn't bothered to even slightly change the pitch, speed or EQ (something that can be done in almost every free audio software out there) yes, it's that bad.

As I said the dialogues offers nothing new, and the players reading them are just MEH. All monotonic, without highs and lows, all in the same pace one word after the other.

Now lets see some more. In the part when they all sit around the fire and someone tells the story, how can someone screw in this one? I have no idea, they might sit next to the fire, but there's no read evidence for that, the light source is not the fire, or the moon (which supposed to be full) but from external light source, just normal light bulb from the set, dear director, how high were you when filming this one?

Still, I watched it to the end, I actually thought it might bring something in the end, but no. Just the big old disappointment. One last thing, one of the characters had fake eyebrows (painted, or what ever they ladies call it) it was ugly, ugly ugly ugly. Even with that the crew screwed up.

So really, do yourself a favor, don't watch, don't think I might get better at the end, they dialogue is not getting better, the gore is not getting better, the and characters are not evolving and the killer will still be super lame version of Jason Voorhees.

Reviewed by ScottM2753 1 / 10

Wow this is bad!

This movie was truly awful. It's a try by the creators to make a Friday the 13th style slasher, but it fails miserably.

The makeup effects for the killing scenes were actually quite good, but if that is the only good thing out of this movie, then it falls completely flat on its face. IF the creators had spent a bit more time on this, planning out the script, more rehearsals for the actors, it might have been better.

The acting... well, honestly there wasn't any. TRULY stupid decisions were made by the actors in this movie, making it almost a joy to see them done in lol. Do yourself a favor and give this one a pass. All the "great" reviews I've seen on this one obviously came from friends/family of the crew/actors.

Reviewed by Finfrosk86 3 / 10

Kind of boring, something is missing

A lot is done right here, the kills are alright. The killer is actually pretty cool. There is a lot of blood. But the whole time something is missing. The killer looks pretty cool, but at the same time he is kind of boring.

I caught myself wondering why I wasn't more entertained by this, because it should have been more entertaining. It had the necessities. It has large amounts of blood, which I like, the problem is it just looks like someone is pouring blood on whoever gets killed. Didn't have the impact it should.

One thing that was real bad was the punching-sounds. For the most part the sound design was OK, but in a couple of scenes the killer is beating the crap out of someone, blood is just gushing, and the sound of the hits are like, *tsh* *tsh* *tsh*. That doesn't fly. You need some bass, and some good crunch in there, for a big fist hitting a face repeatedly like that. Strange how the director was just fine with that.

And it is so light for most of the movie. Like daytime. Not scary or tense at all.

Anyway, this is probably not worth your time, I'm afraid. There are a lot of good slashers out there. Maybe skip this one.

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