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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
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Sam Claflin as Brian McNeil
Olivia Cooke as Jane Harper
Erin Richards as Krissi Dalton
Jared Harris as Professor Joseph Coupland
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lucas LeDain 7 / 10

Good and creepy. However; easily forgettable, incomplete and has a disappointing ending.

So, The Quiet Ones. I gave this film an 8 out of 10. I would however give it a rating of 7.8 if I could.

The Positives: The Quiet Ones is very successful in building up tension. It builds it up and then a jump scene comes at you and throws you out of your seat!

It is also a great concept. As the story progresses you begin to see more to the story than what we first thought.

Also TQO manages to go into different stories based on real legends (e.g. The theories they come up with and the covens they slightly touch upon.)

It is also quite creepy and intense with many scenes that make you say to yourself: WTF?!

The Negatives: TQO does not go deep enough into the story. They could have made the run time longer resulting in the movie being a lot more frightening. At the end of the movie, clearly not destined for a sequel we are left with many un-answered questions.

It is easily forgettable! After watching the film I simply left the screening. I did not take a minute to think about what I watched, literally the second I left the cinema I forgot about it.

The ending is also very disappointing. After all the build up I bet you were expecting a dramatic, jaw dropping climax?.... Well this movie does not offer that. Up until the end all the other negatives could have easily been forgiven. All it would have needed was a better ending.

And finally I'm going to tell you the problem with this film that occurs all of the time. 'Based on a true story'. If you are a director reading this STOP ADDING THOSE 5 WORDS! It makes the film feel scarier obviously but it also makes the director have to keep it realistic and that is usually a big downfall!

So 7.8 is what I give this film. It is creepy, jumpy and an interesting mix of found footage genre cinematography and regular cinematography. However; TQO simply isn't very believable and it is not good enough to get out of the 7 rating.

Reviewed by Finalreminder 2 / 10

Shallow and plodding

The film is slow, plodding and lacks any depth. The scares don't scare. It lacks suspense or creepiness. Character development falls flat on it's face; you just don't become endeared to any of the characters, at all. Rory Fleck-Byrne and Erin Richards seem completely redundant in the film. Jared Harris performed well, but even he couldn't save this one. I think the whole possession thing has been done to death, and to pull it off nowadays takes strong characters, a solid story and a bit of a twist. Insidious for example. I personally wouldn't waste time and money on the film. Wait until it comes on TV in a couple of years. Definitely not a must watch movie.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 7 / 10

Loud Quiet Loud.

After having had my nerves shredded by the revived 'Hammer Horror' 2012 film The Woman In Black, (Which was also my first ever Hammer Horror)I was thrilled to discover that Hammer's newest title has just reached UK cinemas,which led to me getting ready to discover how quiet Hammer Horror could be.

The plot:


Searching round for an assessment,a student film maker called Brian McNeil accepts an offer from university professor Coupland to film evidence of a study that he and his fellow students are doing.Coupland's study involves him and his students curing a psychologically broken women called Jane Harper,by helping Jane to create a 'demon'.due to Harper having somehow got the belief that she is possessed by a demonic ghost.

With having no other offers coming towards him,Brian decides that he will take a shot at Coupland's experiment.Finding himself based in a closed off country house, (chosen so that the experiment can take place in silent) McNeil is shocked to discover,that despite having clear signs of serious 'issues' that Jane Harper picks up on everything that Coupland and his students say,with Jane knowing Brian's name before he has the chance to tell her.Caught off-guard by Harper quick-witted intelligence,McNeil finds himself becoming strangely attracted to Jane,as he continues to film the amazing progress that Harper and professor Coupland's team are making it curing Harper.

Deciding to jump in their progress on Jane,the group begin pushing Jane to create a demonic ghost out of the pain that is contained within her head,which leads to Brian filming the terrifying realisation that Coupland and his team meet,which is that some nightmares are better let kept in peoples heads.

View on the film:

Whilst the title itself contains the word 'Quiet' co-writer/ (along with Craig Rosenberg,Tom De Ville and Oren Moverman) director John Pogue decides to leave any silences behind with a rumbling soundtrack.Despite stopping some of the more subtler chills covering the screen,rattles the bird cages to breaking point which led to me last night having to keep my bedroom light on,thanks to Pogue making everyone of Harper's screams screech across the screen.

Placing the film in 1974, (a time when Hammer was in its last Psycho- Thriller Horror era) Pogue smartly uses Brian's film making as a path to give the title to different,stylish appearance,with the sharp tooth clearness in the discussions between Coupland and the students being counted by Brian's rough'n' ready filming,which helps to give the chilling Horror taking on screen a raw,intensely gritty atmosphere.

For the screenplay of the film (which is very loosely based on some real life tests,which led to not a single 1 of the participants being either cursed or killed),the writers delicately allow for the screws of the movie to gradually turn,as Coupland and his students change from being easy-going to being horrified at what they cause Jane Harper to reveal.Sadly,whilst the screenplay does very well at creating an icy mood,the 2 twists in the title don't fully hit in the way that they appear to have been planned,due to their having been far too stronger signals to their arrival (with 1 of the twist being something that I correctly guessed about 30 minutes into the title.)

Showing the shadow of Peter Cushing to still be cast upon Hammer Horror,Jared Harris gives a delightfully crusty performance as professor Coupland,with Harris displaying a real determination to cure Harper,despite all of the clear deadly Horror's that he's beginning to face.Placed in the shoes of the audience,Sam Claflin smartly avoids Brian McNeil becoming annoyingly naive,by showing a warm,natural desire to protect Jane from the tests that Coupland and his students are forcing her to take part in.

Chilling the screen up from the moment she shivers across the screen,the beautiful Olivia Cooke delivers a fantastic,nerve crushing performance with Jane Harper,thanks to Cooke attacking the movies shots of terror with a devilish playfulness which really allows the character to get under the skin,as Harper begins to reveal to Coupland and his team the far from quiet Horrors of this Hammer Horror.

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