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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Markus Amalthea Magnuson 7 / 10

Moody piece on the psychology of survival

As often, reviews and ratings on IMDb are completely wrong, as I found The Quiet Hour vastly underrated.

In gloom and at slow pace, accompanied by a very rich and touching score by Carlos José Alvarez, following Sarah and Tom through the hardships of survival is an intimate journey.

By avoiding an excess of action-driven plot points, as you would expect from your average alien invasion film, this one comes across far more evocative and tense.

It reminded me a bit of Testament by Lynne Littman, but The Quiet Hour is the better cinematic experience of the two, and I guess somewhat more positive. (Not that any of them could really be called cheerful to the slightest.)

Reviewed by Tom Dooley 7 / 10

Rather Good Independent existentialist Sci-Fi

Aliens have invaded the World to plunder the Earth's mineral resources. It is one year on and all anyone seems to know about them is that for two hours a day they return to their Mother Ships and people can come out of hiding. If they are caught outside at any other time they are killed.

Sarah – Dakota Blue-Richards ('Skins') is living on a farm with her brother and father and they are managing to survive with their limited food stocks and solar panels for power. Others are not so fortunate and she knows that it is only a matter of time before other people turn up and find their idyll. She has had to grow up fast but does not know if she has the mettle that will be needed if such an event occurs; she does not have long to wait to be tested.

Now thus is an independent film with a sci-fi twist and for lovers of the genre this may well fall short of expectations. However, if- like me- you love existential films and the psychological elements then you may well be pleasantly surprised. The acting is al solid with a great sense of foreboding throughout. It is also engaging and the characters all manage to engender the right amount of chemistry to make you care about them. The action is done well too. This is a film I really enjoyed and hardly noticed as the time passed – which is always the sign of a god production. Another example of how independent does not mean done on the cheap – recommended viewing.

Reviewed by chuckcorrado 9 / 10

Robust yet thoughtful sci-fi thriller which truly delivers

So often one sees hopeless work coming from a low budget — where the financial limitations of a production are translated into visible cracks in the films structure and production values. The same cannot be said of The Quiet Hour which imaginatively and creatively uses its financial limitations to its advantage and also deftly manages to work the things that count, such as decent camera equipment, locations, acting, CGI and narrative framework.

The film focuses on the story of Sarah, a nineteen year old ex-veterinary student who has to defend her farm, blind younger brother and livestock not so much from the unseen alien predators that have arrived to pillage the earth of its natural resources as from a gang of bad guys who want to take over her farm.

The action largely takes place in the house and surrounding grounds where director Stéphanie Joalland (in her feature debut) strikes a fine balance between building dramatic tension and fleshing out the characters.

Given that this is primarily a slice of genre cinema it is refreshing that so much effort has gone into character development and performance. Also the backdrop of the alien apocalypse has been carefully considered, rendering the picture refreshingly devoid of plot holes. Highly recommended.

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