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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
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Ethan Hawke as Hopper Sr.
Paul Giamatti as Dr. Mobley
Elizabeth Marvel as June Epland
Paul Adelstein as Scott Borwitz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by goodman528 8 / 10

The baseball version of "Good Will Hunting"

It's a movie about a kid who loved playing baseball. He worked really hard everyday to get better and better at the game, then suddenly one day he discovers he is better than everybody else. So, what now?

Everybody expects something of him. His team expects him to throw 100mph fastballs into the strike zone game after game. His coach expects him to stay out of trouble. His teacher expects him finish school. His dad expects him to not get lazy and waste his talent. His girlfriend expects him to be just a normal guy who she can talk to and relate to and be best friends with. And his shrink expects him to accept his talent.

Would I recommend you to watch this movie?

Yes. Although most of us can't throw 100mph fastballs, but if you can just suspend belief for a moment and put yourself into his shoes, you will find a very well written story about a working class kid working hard and making a success of himself.

No. If you go into this thinking "he's making $$$ millions, what's he got to complain about?" or "he's naturally talented, why everybody want to drag him down?" Then you are better off watching something else.

Reviewed by J Banana 6 / 10

Slow movie, more about the psychology of pitchers block.

This is a slow movie so if you are looking for a baseball movie with excellent plays, this is not what you are going to get. This is pure dialog with psychological upbringing playing a major role in the protagonists head.

I'll keep this short, this movie is about a good kid who is barely out of high school and has an incredible skill at pitching. He's a phenom, a boy genius with a ball in his hand.

The movie is about all the pressures that a young man goes through when he has a gift even he has yet to truly understand and control. He undergoes struggling with it and begins to question his talent, his beliefs and all that he was taught about pitching.

This is a movie for someone who wants to put themselves in the position of someone who is struggling to nurture what he/she naturally is talented at. The protagonist has pitchers block, many of us have a type of block in our life that we struggled to get through or failed to get through.

Reviewed by treyosaddler 4 / 10

Doesn't really have an ending...

It was an alright movie for the most part, but when it was over I sat up in bed and said "Is that it"? I guess this is one of those movies that you just have to decide what happens to the characters when it's all over.

There are certain scenes that just felt very out of place and a few different parts of the story that didn't get fully fleshed out. Towards the end of the movie, I thought the movie was finally building up to a climax but it turned out to just be the end of the movie.

One thing I did like about the movie though, was that there were some very beautiful scenes and shots. Good camera-work and use of color, but the writing couldn't keep up with the directing.

If you're into baseball, are a huge sports enthusiast, or like movies without an ending, then this film may be for you. Otherwise, your time might be better spent elsewhere.

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