The Perfect Weapon


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Steven Seagal as The Director
Richard Tyson as Controller
Johnny Messner as Condor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Deepak khasa 1 / 10

Steven Saegal, Enough man!

Well.. if u don't mind really bad acting, a really bad story line, really badly directed, really boring and really bad camera work.. then you will prob like it.. ** Steven Seagal only have a small role, 5 min.. All in all bad special effects, bad acting, goofy ripoff plot, really bad 'fight' scenes, yeah, it's a Steven Seagal movie all right. It's sad that newer Van Dam movies are better, at least he sees the humor in himself, this is just absurd. the end was the most amusing, absurd, and unrealistic fight sequence since him and Tommy Lee Jones in Under Siege. But People it's Steven Segall, by now we know what to expect. But what he CAN still move, he always moves faster than the bad guys, LOL

Reviewed by jackmeat 4 / 10

Seagal drops the fists to "direct" the hit men.

My quick rating - 3,9/10. All I could think of watching this was "I saw the movie Hit-man". Well, if you have seen that, then you get the plot of this movie. Just a lesser version of it. Problem with this movie, somehow no one ever gets hit amongst thousands of rounds of bullets shot. Only time someone gets hit is with a single shot basically point blank range. Aside from the A-team-ish shootouts, there is Mr. Seagal. It is very strange, yet nice to say he may have started to realize his fighting days are over. He just uses his screen presence in this film. No fighting. I will admit, he worked well as the head guy. I won't say more since that would be spoiler territory. Unfortunately this alone could not save an obvious plot (if you don't guess the twist, you are new to the cinema) and very poor acting. Enjoy only if you want to, you will be fine since it is short.

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