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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 19%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KATO-SUBZERO 9 / 10

Great updated & Better version of Thin Line Between Love & Hate, Boy Next Door

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 I went to see the movie; "The Perfect Guy" with talented and pretty Sanaa Lathan. I like her in all of her movies and she is pretty eye candy for men who love women. Morris and Michael are equally good in their roles.

The movie is well worth the money. I enjoyed all of it, as did the audience by their reaction while I was watching it.

However, in the 80's when I was in college in cinema studies, I remember one of my professors telling the class I was in that every movie or TV idea has been done at least once or even twice. Look at all the versions of vampire movies of old style to action vampire movies such as Blade to romantic such as Twilight or movies about space.

This movie is a good twist on such movies as "Fatal Attraction" with Michael Douglas & Glynn Close, "Thin Line between Love and Hate" with Martin Lawrence or the more recent, "Obsessed" with Idris Elba and "Boy Next Door" with beautiful and talented Jennifer Lopez.

I think the writers did a good job with this version. I give it a 9 and two thumbs up. I also like the fact that Not a lot of profanity cursing in it and no real nudity, which was a plus.

Reviewed by Kera Holmes 10 / 10

The perfect guy review

Usually movies like these ( suspense thrillers ) look better in the trailers , but this one actually satisfied the audience in the actual movie itself !! It definitely was my money's worth with all its action and suspense . Michael Ealy as always, does an incredible job in this film playing his role as an psychotic stalker after a one night stand . Obviously this director choose 10 star actors to perfect this movie and portray a deeper , more crazy way of loving someone. The " perfect guy " in this sense means the deception of the person you want , who'll do anything to be with you .... Anything.... even get rid of people who will hinder the relationship. The perfect guy in this movie ( played by Mivhael Ealy ) seems to be the typical charming , beyond handsome, respectable guy that every girl wants until they realize how " perfect " comes with some flaws.

Reviewed by Tony Heck 7 / 10

The movie is good and I liked it better then No Good Deed, but it was just too cliché to really have the impact it wanted.

"I saw him beat someone badly, just for talking to me." Leah (Lathan) and her boyfriend have different plans for the future and decide to split up. When she meets the charismatic and charming Carter (Ealy) she easily falls for him. He says and does everything perfect, but when she sees his dark side things change. Afraid of what he may do next Leah breaks up with him, but Carter doesn't let go so easy. This is a really good movie that could have been so much better. The movie gets really close to the tenseness it is striving for, but ends up falling short. Carter does do some very scary and terrifying things, but nothing that hasn't been seen before. The movie really left a lot on the table that would have really helped it out and made the movie as tense as the filmmakers wanted it to be. The movie is good and I liked it better then No Good Deed, but it was just too cliché to really have the impact it wanted. Overall, not bad and worth watching, but not as tense as it could have been. I give it a B-.

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