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Reviewed by horcrux2007 6 / 10

The Other Side of the Door (2016)

I wasn't aware of the existence of this until about a week and a half ago, but I guess it helps watching a movie without any expectations or bias. Although it's not groundbreaking horror, The Other Side of the Door is an still efficient ghost story. The film follows a couple, Maria and Michael, who live in harmony in India until a car accident kills their son, Oliver. Desperate for closure, Maria learns of a ritual where she can speak to her son one last time. She travels to an ancient temple where a mysterious door acts as a portal between the world of the living and the dead. Her only warning is to not open the door, but, in typical horror movie fashion, Maria opens the door. Oliver's soul is brought back to the world of the living, but something else is trying to reclaim his soul. In terms of scares, The Other Side of the Door is inconsistent at best. There are a couple of genuinely scary scenes, but there are a few more that just cop out on a jump scare. One really great and scary thing about the movie is the demon trying to reclaim Oliver's soul. It's creepy as hell and is reminiscent of Sadako or Kayako. Another thing that salvages the film and makes it watchable is its great story. Maria's story of depression and desperation gives the plot an emotional edge while the Hindu themes and symbolism make it unique for an American film. The movie had a similar vibe to The Grudge in that it used another country's culture to create a disturbing atmosphere for its characters. The ending is actually great and pretty shocking, too. It's not the best "American goes to a foreign country and s*** goes down" horror movie, but The Other Side of the Door is a decently scary ghost movie with a great story.

Reviewed by Kieran Battams 4 / 10

what is it with horror movies and lost potential?!

Like, seriously. Here we have a film with a plot that genuinely sounds decent but the filmmakers are incapable of pulling off. Sound familiar? Well that is because this has happened already this year with The Forest.. but The other side of the Door manages to be even worse. Horror films used to be inventive and fun in a twisted way, but is that now impossible to pull off?!

The plot involves a woman who's son is killed in a terrible and tragic accident, she discovers she can communicate again with him through an ancient Indian temple, but is warned to never open the door. Of course, if you warn somebody in a cliché horror movie not to do something they are totally gonna do it and she does which brings all the spirits into the world of the living. It could have been done so well.. but i put emphasis on the COULD. First of all the son is evil now. Literally a line of dialogue is "he is evil". Now, correct me if I'm wrong but this was never explained.. ever. Are we supposed to just look at him and say "yeah that makes sense considering he's dead". There was no hint to this when he was alive and no back story.

Unexplained things like this happened a lot in this film and it really bugged me. Nothing was ever scary, not even the jump scares made me jump, which is a bad sign to begin with. Not to mention i drifted off many times for a few seconds over the course of the film.. which should never happen if i am enjoying something. By that i mean i did not enjoy any of this film. The premise is great but the way it was executed just felt so wrong. So in the end, this film is just another cliché horror garbage fest that i will end up forgetting about by the end of the week probably. I really hope i get the horror i crave by the end of the year, 10 Cloverfield Lane is why i remain hopeful.

Reviewed by swilliky 3 / 10

Symptomatic of a terrible trend in horror films

Horror movies have come up with an interesting trend in 2016, possibly not a new one, but it is an awful one. The producers have decided to take actresses from popular shows, namely The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, and put them in a foreign country then throw in a bunch of jumps scares and scary special effect faces and voila, another bad move out the pipe of Hollywood so the masses can eat more bad stuff. Us horror fans are gullible and easy to please but I'm not sure why the addition of horror means the absence of plot since nearly every month I read great new horror coming from clever writers with new twists and prescient plots.

This movie was one of the worst with Sarah Wayne Callies, Lori Grimes of TWD, a pretty awful actress. She was one of the worst parts of the first few seasons and I was just fine when she exited the series, spoiler alert but if you really care you would probably know by now. Callies plays Karina an American mourning mother whose son drowned in an awful car accident after moving to India. This gruesome scene was disturbing but it's all down hill from here.

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