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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 2002  


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by syphongb 7 / 10

Absorbing but Ultimately Mediocre

Great cast, great performances, great direction...but the was as if the writers either got bored of the whole thing or hastily finished it on deadline day.

An absorbing, at times very tense buildup, hints at something possibly occult going on, but then a rushed ending that didn't need the buildup! It begins with a kind of Rosemary's Baby feel to it but the plot and tension builds to a certain level then remains there at that pace for the rest of the film.

Well worth watching, but just enjoy the actors and mood and don't expect to be blown away by any clever plot twists and turns.

It should have been shown as a Sunday evening BBC2 play or something.

Reviewed by albereinstein 7 / 10

Wicked People, Do Wicked Things.

I'm not a film critic to say the least, but I do enjoy a good story and decent plot with hint of twist. For me this film had a little of all it. From the cast performances, to the plot and story, this one kept me interested from beginning to the end. Two couples expecting a child, living in a two family home. One couple lives upstairs and the other couple are The Ones Below, lose their expecting child, and from there, the story unfolds. Good afternoon, film especially when you have a day off, just to relax and kick your feet up on the couch. I will say that for me, I wished the characters had just a little more depth especially for the build up towards the end. I was disappointed in what happened to the mother who did give birth. Truly a diabolical look into how wicked people do wicked things. Overall good watch, and worth a buying a ticket if it was still in theaters. Recommended watch.

Reviewed by miabooth 5 / 10

a couple have a baby and seem to be happy , but soon , all takes a sinister turn and ends up for the bad

the film was good in ways. the main plot summary was very interesting and tense but the only downside was the ending. i did not understand what happened in the end as many different observations and stories came together and to me didn't make sense. so i did not find out what happened in the end of it, if i knew what happened it would of been a very good movie. you feel tense and surprised throughout of the movie , especially near to the end. it starts off normal and you don't suspect anything but it takes a sinister turn at the end and leaves you shocked, this thriller is great but just warning u that u might not get what happens at the end. i recommend it if you like cliff hangers though...

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