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Bokeem Woodbine as Crenshaw
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Luke Goss as Wade
Jason Mewes as Chachi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Richard 1 / 10

Pitiful DTV

Danny Trejo who is on the front cover is doing a cameo only. A bunch of bounty hunters crossed the Mexican border to bring back a mysterious girl who is going to testify against some cartel kingpin. We don't really care actually. It's poorly directed. They are supposed to be special ops team and they act like a bunch of amateurs during the siege in the motel. They scream "no" each time one of them is hit by a bullet. So cliché.

The dialogs are horrible. "Promise me you will keep on going if I am going down". Totally forgettable.

I don't even know if I can write 10 lines for this total garbage.

Reviewed by 851222 7 / 10

Nice B action flick with a welcome twist

Greetings from Lithuania.

"The Night Crew" (2015) is enjoyable low budget action flick with some nice twist. It's nothing original or exciting, but it is very watchable and can be even enjoyable, if you will lower your expectations first. The plot is simple but there is one nice bloody twist which i won't spoil. There are some gory scenes and it's kinda bloody picture, but it's not to bloody or disgusting. Acting was OK, nothing special although i liked performance by Chasty Ballesteros - she looks sexy and she gave probably the best performance in this movie - so it's a double win for viewer :)

Overall, "The Night Crew" (or better known as a "Blackwater") is a B action flick with some intriguing twist. If you skip it, you won't going to regret it or loose anything, but it worth a look on a boring evening.

Reviewed by quincytheodore 4 / 10

Asinine parts of other action movies strapped into one tedious showing.

You have seen this before, almost with the same exact cast and premise. A few famous action names or faces on the poster, which actually are just in the movie briefly, Luke Goss assembling rag tag group of rowdy misfits trapped in a predicament, and even with the similar lackluster action choreography. However, it has a new twist of "From Dusk Till Dawn" which audience will see from miles away and in inferior quality.

The story follows Wade, not Wilson, (Luke Goss) as he bunkers down on a motel while his bounty, a strange woman attracts attention from unsavory bunch. There's barely any acting involved here as the movie opts for more light action style. Granted, this mindless spree fits theme better than actually trying to pull a dramatic suspense, there's also some attempts in humor and thriller that sadly miss the mark more often than not.

It moves randomly between slow scenes to tease its supposedly shocking plot twist, but sometimes sporadically rushed into action. None of which feels as they are executed nearly, the build-up consists of usual macho gung ho, which is tiredly used in almost every other Luke Goss' movies, while the action part is not sufficiently choreographed nor does it have fast pace combat.

In fact there are times where people would run off the cover during hail of bullets and try to sucker punch the other guy. It's amazingly bad how this silly antic still persists, even in low budget flick. Fans of the genre might have a bit of fun with the carnage, yet it's fleeting and not exactly a more compelling version from "From Dusk Till Dawn", which it clearly tries to imitate.

It's an average action movie that tries to siphon any appeal from better spectacle, and only ends up in overused gimmicks.

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