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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scott-344 1 / 10

A Movie to Make You Hate Movies

Horrible script, flat performances, directionless direction. I sat through this entire travesty because, well, sometimes you want to know what all the fuss with "Plan 9 From Outer Space" was about. This movie has everything: Actors standing in place reciting meaningless, unfunny dialogue. A camera that occasionally and for no reason repeatedly encircles the three leads. Every "shock" cliché that's been in far better efforts of the last 20 years. In fact, it's not that this is a movie that will make you hate movies, it very likely will make you hate life. Highly recommended (to my enemies). Everyone else, skip this one; you'll be happier on your death bed.

Reviewed by Lynne Butler 1 / 10

Panders to the lowest common denominator

The only reason I got to the end of this stinker of a movie is that I paid money for it.

I thought the premise for it was alright - 3 longtime friends go out on the town for their last Christmas together. As it turns out, each of them is dealing with a personal issue. One is going to be a father and is afraid he's not prepared. One is a professional athlete who is using steroids to stay in the game. The third is making excuses for why his life is going nowhere.

Then, it gets really, really stupid. Isaac's wife gives him a box of street drugs for Christmas and he takes all of them. Instead of dying of an overdose, he throws up, bleeds into a woman's drink, and generally goes around being gross. This is, believe it or not, one of the main punch lines of the movie.

Drugs are so prevalent in this movie, they are practically a character of their own. There is a superficial attempt to draw on Dickens' "Christmas Carol" by calling their dope dealer the Spirit of Christmas Present, and drug-taking in general is made out to be synonymous with partying and friendship. Even the fabulous party they finally get to after years of trying literally has a bowl of drugs on the table. And yet, for some reason, their athlete buddy is called out and shamed for taking steroids. I don't get that steroid use is so horrible when everyone else is taking cocaine, dope, mushrooms, and every other drug they can find.

I also disliked the fact that nobody in this movie could actually explain anything or say anything adult. Isaac's wife says to him that she is a "f*cking piece of sh*t". As it turns out, she means that she fears she might not be a good mother. What happened to "I'm worried" or "I feel unprepared"? Why can't anyone actually articulate anything beyond the most basic grunting sounds? These are meant to be educated people (Isaac is a lawyer) and yet they all speak like 14-year-olds who think it's cool to swear when their parents aren't around.

At the end of this movie, I just felt depressed. I feel sorry for anyone whose life is anything like these pointless characters, and anyone who thinks that the "partying" portrayed in this movie is even remotely fun.

There was no real plot to this movie. The characters are flat and uninteresting, and don't actually learn anything or develop, despite the premise of the movie. The humour is beyond juvenile. Conclusion: a complete waste of time.

Reviewed by James De Bello 8 / 10


50/50 was my favorite movie of 2011. It was a discovery, Jonathan Levine suddenly made me learn so much about film. On top of that, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen are two of my most personal idols in almost everything they do. So you can only imagine how excited I was when they announced this film. when it came out I saw the mixed reaction it got, whilst now I have seen the film i completely understand the reason, I cannot be happier to say that I was right not to have my excitement tempered, because this is one of the best comedies of the last few years.

I think the reason this comedy really succeeded for me personally is because it just spoke to so many parts of my life and that is why I generally enjoy all of the work of this film making team, it appears like we just share a very similar view of film and life. This comedy has it all, laughs, heart, character and story and they were all incredibly relatable to me.

Seth Rogen here gives what might be the best comedic performance of his whole career, he had me dying in laughter every time he was on screen. He is definitely helped by the context he is thrown into, yet what he manages to do with that is comedic gold. Furthermore Levine is someone that really understands comedy and whilst he does cheapen it in a couple of moments, for the majority he pulls off repeated laughs in all of the ways possible. Running gags, slapstick, character comedy, sound comedy, pop culture comedy, he does it all and he does it really well to the point that I was laughing so hard at moments I was exploding in joy. It has that type of rhythm and laughter where you get pumped and start cheering (and that is even more remarkable since I watched the movie totally alone and got on my feet multiple times).

Add to this the fact that Levine understands that giving a real arch and depth to characters doesn't cheapen the comedy and actually elevates it and the themes and archs presented here are heartfelt and touching; or at least they were to me. He has many characters to play with and they all ring true in some way and all have something to tell and relate to. Does it fall in a couple of clichés? Of course it does, it's not revolutionary from that point of view. Yet, there it avoids enough of them and puts a good enough spin on its story it really doesn't matter.

I had a blast with "The Night Before", Seth Rogen is still my favorite comedic persona of our times and I can't wait to check out "Neighbors 2" and "Sausage Party".

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