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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ruben Mooijman 6 / 10

Visually stunning, but without substance

In a way, this film is a perfect example of form following function. What better way to show how empty and perverse the model scene in Los Angeles is, than to make an empty and perverse movie about it? If Nicolas Winding Refn wanted to make this point, he has made it loud and clear.

But the question is: did he really want to make this point? Or did he just want to take his cinematographic capabilities one step further, by taking the visual aesthetics to the limit, without bothering about the rest? 'The Neon Demon' is visually stunning, but lacks substance. The story about a 16 year old model being literally devoured by the fashion industry, is nothing more than a vehicle for the visual exuberance of the film. It is like a 'Vogue' magazine: there are many pages, but they are all filled with glamorous pictures, and very little text. You can browse through it, but it doesn't have a message, other than an endless display of beauty.

To accentuate the perversion of it all, Winding Refn had added some horror elements, which almost seem ridiculous, especially at the end of the film. There's also an irritating and very prominent soundtrack. The acting is mostly unnatural and pretentious. But if you like browsing the latest edition of Vogue magazine, perhaps this is the film for you.

Reviewed by paddybass 9 / 10

A neon lit parable of big city poison.

Nicolas Winding-Refn is a director who defies all analysis. Most considered him a surefire "Commercial Success" following on from his exceptional adaptation, Drive back in 2011. However, against all odds Winding-Refn went darker, more subversive and all together more polarising with his 2013 release Only God Forgives.

The Neon Demon is sure to be equally divisive. I was lucky enough to attend the red carpet premiere of the film in Cannes and was personally blown away by it's unique style & vision. It's long slider shots demand attention and draw attention to every minute detail on offer. It's use of mirrors encourages the viewer to look beyond the "real" world and examine what lies on the other side.

Obviously, it goes without saying that this film looks amazing. If nothing else, most of Winding-Refn's supporters or critiques will admit that his films aesthetics are always incredible. However, despite the muted dialogues and slow pacing, the film gripped me for its full 110 minute run time. This was because, although the movie is a "horror", it's so much more. It's an examination of the human obsession with beauty.

Elle Fanning does a remarkable turn as Jesse - a young runaway, trying to make it big in Los Angeles. Her beauty is so powerful that things begin to work to her favour almost immediately on her arrival. More over than that, her beauty seems to encapsulate and draw in those around her, while repelling her peers who scathe her. Her natural beauty is something that all the plastic surgery in LA can't generate.

Jena Malone steals the film as Ruby - a make up artist who befriends Jesse as soon as she arrives in the town. She also introduces Jesse to the vacuous and vindictive pair of models played by Bella Heathcote and Abbey Lee. If you haven't guessed already this is a film with a real focus on females. Although there are a handful of male characters (Dexters Desmon Harrington does an incredible turn as a high power fashion photographer), the focus here is all feminine. Even down to the decision to bring in a female DOP to shoot the film.

There are too many twists and turns to get into here, but all I can say is that this could be Winding-Refn's most powerful movie to date. It's an analysis on the human condition and our obsession with natural beauty. It claws and scratches at our preconceptions and breaks us down, revealing the gooey centre; what makes us tick. Stellar performances, amazing visuals, a banging score and a unique storyline will cement this as a cult classic - of this I am sure.

I cannot wait for the theatrical release if only to have more time to soak in the films dreamy visuals, take in more of the films subtexts and once again be blown away by the force of nature that is NWR.

Reviewed by lissas-91907 3 / 10

Started off OK then became very disturbing

I do not mind a dark movie if it has a real plot and substance. This movie started off interesting, although there were some scenes with major flaws. However, it then turned into an extremely strange and disturbing film. It was as though the writer(s) hit writer's block and just decided to write sick scenes and put them altogether for merely shock value to keep the audience's attention until the end. The only thing good were some visuals.... Except for the disturbing scenes. The acting was okay. The reactions the actors had to certain occurrences were so unrealistic. It was laughable. I am so sad I spent money to see this movie. I wouldn't have even watched if it was for free.

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