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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
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Josh Stewart as John
Jaqueline Fleming as Officer Burns
Skipp Sudduth as Uncle Neil
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xiptek 1 / 10

1 of 10 , just because i cant score a ZERO! i was mislead by IMDb reviews into watch this piece of...nothing

One of the worst movies i seen this year, thanks to IMDb reviews i gave it a shot... so i made my review to the ones that appreciate good movies, don't waste your time here...

Bad actors, bad sound (music is simply awful and misplaced), bad image plans, the plot/argument is nothing, not a bit of suspense, everything is predictable...not even scary!!

the story = just 2 neighbors , one is a dealer with a girlfriend and the other one kidnaps persons(with his 2 sons) to demand ransoms one time the girlfriend of the dealer neighbor see the other neighbor killing someone, and this one kidnaps her, then the dealer neighbor goes inside the house of the neighbor for the heroic rescue...

Can't believe that there isn't a film institution that bans movies like this to be produced...

Reviewed by jeanpirise 1 / 10

Omg stop feeding us this lame tripe

This film is about nothing, it's slow, it's atmospheric but it takes forever to film a wall....there's no story, the dialogue is abysmal, the acting laughable...the machismo is both abysmal and laughable. Please stop giving us just terrible quality....movies these days have gone down the toilet...they're worthless. I spent like an hour on this snoozefest for children...l mean it's not for children but the maturity level is such....just saddening. What is wrong with Hollywood these days? Is it piracy? Do they only get a million instead of many millions? Is there not enough millions? Can they only buy like one yacht? Is that it? Is it not enough? Seriously...

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 6 / 10

Just how well do you know your neighbors?...

The 2016 movie titled "The Neighbor" starts out fairly slow and doesn't really progress much at any kind of speed, right up until Rosie sees something through the binocular. But then the movie does kick up into an impressive gear, and leaves behind its former semi-boring pace.

Without going too much into detail about the actual storyline, I will just briefly summarize the movie. John and Rosie are planning to leave town in order to start a new and better life, when Rosie makes a gruesome discovery through a looking glass directed towards their neighbor. And when John comes home, Rosie is nowhere to be found...

What works out in "The Neighbor" is the way that director Marcus Dunstan constructed the movie and managed to build up a good atmosphere and a sense of dread throughout the course of the movie. There is a good flow to the storyline, once it kicks into gear.

And the acting in the movie was quite good, although you shouldn't expect any dramatic Shakespearian thespian performances though. But people did good with their roles and character, taking the genre and fairly simplistic storyline into consideration.

I will say that Josh Stewart (playing John) actually stood out among the acting talents in "The Neighbor", because he really carried the movie quite well.

However, the movie did suffer from an overshadowing predictability. You knew what would happen throughout the course of the movie, and you knew how it would end. To that point, it was somewhat of a disappointment, because "The Neighbor" didn't really bring anything new to the crime / thriller genre which hadn't already been seen countless times before.

"The Neighbor" is a good movie for an evening's worth of entertainment. However, I doubt that you will be putting the movie on a second time around, because once you have seen the movie, there just isn't enough meat on the bone to support more than a single viewing.

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