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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tikkin 4 / 10

has to be seen to be believed...

Every horror collector worth their salt will at least have heard of The Nail Gun Massacre. It's such a tempting title isn't it? I finally gave in and bought the special edition DVD. This film is one big mess from start to finish, but you already knew that. The most interesting thing in it was breasts, big huge breasts at that! One woman has breasts so big that they're all you (and the cameraman) can focus on. The biggest problem with Nail Gun Massacre is that you can't really hear what anyone is saying, making it hard to follow. Every time someone speaks there's a horrible noise that sounds like a passing train. Perhaps this was to cover the bad acting? If anything they should have removed it and let the actors do their thing, no matter how untalented they are. At least we can laugh at them then! The sound is atrocious, half the time the background noise is louder than what people are saying. You also can't hear the supposedly "funny" lines from the killer, as the voice is too distorted.

It does have it's good moments though. You can't help but laugh at such an inept film, with scenes such as a couple 'doing it' against a tree, where all you can see is the mans white ass jiggling around. The best part for me was when the killer says to the big breasted woman: "Get inside, big tits!" And there's another hilarious scene where a woman gets hysterical and says "I'm gonna die, I know I'm gonna die!" I would say the film was worth watching just for those two scenes!

For a low budget "so bad it's good" film, The Nail Gun Massacre is nothing special. There's other low budget films that are much funnier such as The Suckling and They Don't Cut The Grass Anymore (the acting is worse than Nail Gun Massacre, yet more hilarious).

Reviewed by James 1 / 10

A classic

This movie was great. Even just looking at the box, you know you have a winner, with two (thats right TWO) awful jokes on the front.

This movie has it all - thats right, the director even put in some porn scenes, so everybody is happy!! The soundtrack consists of, 1 song and the killer doing the evil laugh. This one song is reused over and over - everytime somebody turns the radio on, there it is!! The song itself is just Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child, but cleverly disguised (it sounds the same but with keyboards instead of guitars). The story is ridiculous (a killer on the loose with a nail gun, and thats it), but the director does try to add a mystery into the movie. If you don't solve it, you are stupid (sorry, but its true), but there was a clever way they covered it up - use different stunt doubles!! This way, the director has achieved nothing except to confuse the audience - well done!

The acting is horrible, and the movie is jam packed with flaws. My favourites were the dead man balancing himself out, and particularly the final death scene. I suppose this would count as a ******SPOILER****** (or am I just paranoid about getting banned?) but it wouldn't really spoil the movie. When the bad guy falls to his doom, it is obvious he landed on a mattress, because his foot flies back into the picture. Next cut of the camera, he is stuck feet first into the ground. A classic moment.

To sum up - great for a laugh, unless you get offended by pointless porn scenes or horrible movies.

Reviewed by latherzap 1 / 10

"It's time for the organ transplant. You're the donor and I'm the recipient."

A must-see for bad movie buffs. Fun stuff. A killer drives around in a gold hearse, wearing camouflage and a motorcycle helmet, killing people with a powerful nail gun. Bad acting and bad script (the most important elements of a crummy flick) are here in abundance.

After the massacre has begun, there's a scene in a small shop where the old lady clerk says "Remember when you could go outside without having to worry about the mosquitoes or the killers?". Classic. There's a scene of a couple making out in a car, while the radio plays a song (sung by the director?) called Foosball. The dj talks a moment, and then plays Foosball AGAIN. Watch for the scene near the beginning, of the couple in bed. It looks like a less explicit outtake from a porno. "But you said we could play doctor all day, today!" the girl complains. Then, topless, she walks to a large mirror to comb her hair. The camera then shamelessly zooms in on her breasts in the mirror reflection! Hilarious!

The director, Terry Lofton, recently released a DVD of this movie. At least one scene (a couple in a forest)is slightly extended. Oddly enough, my DVD does not contain any end credits, but they are on my old VHS.

I'd say the movie sucks, but that's what makes it so entertaining. I would much rather watch this than Lord of the Rings or Star Wars movies. If you're into this kinda stuff, and you can't find NGM at your video store, I highly recommend you search for it online.

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