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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
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Graham Skipper as Zack Connors
Lauren Ashley Carter as Rachel Meadows
John Speredakos as Dr. Michael Slovak
Larry Fessenden as Mike Connors
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by manuelasaez 5 / 10

Decent homage to 80's films, but the uneven acting really soured what could have been a special film

As a child of the 80's, I grew up with these kinds of films; films about people with special powers and government cover-ups. This film does a great job of evoking that same feeling, with a decent script and a pretty decent SFX budget. The acting, however, was beyond hacky, and really marred the integrity of the film. Almost everyone involved in this movie was just awful, with overacting and poor delivery abundant in every scene. It was like watching a student film at times, with people who have no business being in front of a camera. With a more talented cast, this would have been a worthy addition to 80's horror films. As it stands, it is a decent film with some really bad talent attached to it. Watch it for the carnage and gore, but be advised, you will be rolling your eyes every time someone attempts to deliver their lines with a straight face.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 4 / 10

Great poster, terrible movie

Too often I make the mistake of being captivated by a film's poster. The amount of movies I've seen based purely on their poster is higher than I'd care to admit. And alas, once again I've made the mistake. 'The Mind's Eye' has a clever, eye-catching poster indeed, but the film can in no way live up to it. In fact it doesn't even come close. It's a snoozefest. Evidentally psychokinesis does not make for a very good film subject.

The entire plot revolves around an insane doctor who wants psychokinetic powers for himself. Though the audience can't help but wonder, why? What exactly is this going to add to your life? What about having these powers could possibly be worth the effort and sacrifice you are clearly going through to get them? It just doesn't make any sense. Then add in the fact that the two protagonists are about as unlikable and dull as film characters come and you're left with a pretty unwatchable product. Director Joe Begos seems aware he doesn't have the strongest script (dispite having written it himself) and seemingly tries to make up for in the final third with excess gore, but even that falls flat with a lack of originality. There's really not a whole lot to see here.

Reviewed by jcorcoran-47807 5 / 10

Had potential but crapped out at the end.

I will try and be brief. The story of the film isn't too bad, albeit slightly bland as it feels like a Scanners remake. The acting wasn't too bad either other than the doctor and his goons. What really killed it for me (or made it better) was the end sequence. It all fell apart from there. It felt like nothing more than two constipated guys showing up and seeing who can take the biggest power dump to defeat the other. The constipation is so bad that blood starts coming out of everywhere. It was easily the worst case of constipation I have ever seen. Thank God I was stoned out of my mind for the end. It totally made the constipation scenes absolutely hilarious.

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