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The Marine 2 (2009) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Michael Rooker as Church
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Reviewed by Sanal Raj 5 / 10

a decent movie

it almost follows the same plot as the previous installment.

But the point is that unlike the previous one, this movie tries to overcome the flaws.

They concentrated on a balance outcome of both the story and the action.

It may not be a perfect movie but i thought it was far better than The Marine.

The Marine had the same scenes of John Cena escaping bomb-blasts in the last sec. repeatedly shown in different locations.which i thought was pretty amateur.

but still am a Cena fan...............


Reviewed by orangebellyman 5 / 10

Not bad

It wasn't too bad even though didn't go into it expecting too much. Dibiase's acting was OK. He didn't have many lines. No worse than the acting in most other action flicks. He wasn't as stiff an actor as John Cena. Enjoyable action flick. Worth a shot. Storyline was what you would expect. Camera work was good. Dibiase did kick some butt. Never saw the original Marine. Even though is part 2 do not believe has anything to do with the original. Should have given it a different title. Dibiase could have a future in this kind of genre after wrestling. The bad guys were pretty bad even though the reason for there actions were a little weak.

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