The Man Who Never Was


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Clifton Webb as Lt. Cmdr. Ewen Montagu
Gloria Grahame as Lucy Sherwood
Robert Flemyng as Lt. George Acres
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Holly 10 / 10

Perfect Webb in near-perfect film

Gripping in its adherance to detail, this film casts every role perfectly. The always underrated Gloria Grahame lends the film an unexpected emotional pop, and all others are perfectly in character in executing a complex plan. This movie demands its audience's attention and plays to your intelligence. In other words, it would never be made today! Well worth seeing.

Reviewed by Job Goodman 10 / 10

To win by brain,imagination and coincidence

It was 46 years ago that I have seen this movie and I still can close my eyes and see many of its pictures. The scene where the body of a dead Londoner who died of phenomena, so his corps was suit to be presented as a drowned pilot, submerging from a submarine on a beach in Spain. The scene of the German spy hand on the Morse-code key who is as straggling in making the right decision. The scene in which the car suddenly stopped in the middle of London's traffic for a brain storming session where Clifton Webb who is playing Commander Ewen Montague is in his best. >From the many movies about events at WWII it is one that stacked long in mind as it dealt in the quality of the gray matter of the counterintelligence and not about the brutality of the war. It is a masterpiece when the director, Ronald Neame, was able to inflict the emotionally pain of war in that one scene where coincidently the German spy get a real verification about the staged event. Recommended even 46 years later.

Reviewed by ka9fdv 8 / 10

Fascinating Sleeper!

While I am old enough to have seen many of Clifton Webb's movies, I had never heard of this one. We found it in a video store display. i am delighted to have bought it. The story was streamlined, and well told. No wasted or unnecessary subplots. It was much more intrigue than a usual war movie, and clearly a suspenseful tale. The fact that it is true, only adds to the enjoyment. In spite of it's age, it holds up well. The acting is quite sincere and believable. Gloria Grahame is in one of her best roles. The English cast was mostly unfamiliar, but well chosen. Great and moving ending. I would put as a must see for any WWII or history buff. Most women will sympathize, and not too gory or bloody. But still will appeal to men for the suspense.

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