The Lost City


Drama / Romance

The Lost City (2005) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
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Andy García as Fico Fellove
Richard Bradford as Don Donoso Fellove
Nestor Carbonell as Luis Fellove
Enrique Murciano as Ricardo Fellove
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ricjalonso 10 / 10


As an American of Cuban parents, I had always heard the political rhetoric about Cuba as I was growing up. All the while I longed to see this beautiful island which my parents sadly left behind. Though Andy Carcia's film was not filmed in Cuba (it was filmed in the Dominican Republic) it gave me a chance to see a "Cuba" I had only heard about. As for the film itself, the conflicts of family, politics and love in the film is beautifully portrayed to reflect what has been a painful truth to a great number of Cubans. I definitely recommend this to all, Cubans and non-Cubans alike. I hope Mr. Garcia gets due recognition for this beautiful body of work. By the way... Is there an accompanying soundtrack album? The music was phenomenal!

Reviewed by Cuban_Tyler_Durden 10 / 10


That is the one word that can describe this movie. This film truly gives a remarkable portrayal of the events leading up and after to the Castro Revolultion. This is a labor of love for a Cuban-American actor, writer, and director for all his people and should be appreciated by the masses. While it discusses a political rhetoric, it is complemented by a painful love story between a man, his brothers, his parents, and the woman of his life. Even for people who know extensively of the history of Cuba, this is definitely something worth seeing for aesthetic reasons as well. Andy Garcia has done a remarkable piece of work and a great homage to the Cuban people. As a Cuban-Colombian-American living in Miami, this film means a lot to me and to many others. !Viva una Cuba libre!

Reviewed by ag_law-yara 9 / 10

The Lost City

Born in 1962, in the mist of the turmoil, I left Cuba in 1967 thanks to the "Freedom Flights" at the age of 4. It was about time a film like this was done. I commend Andy Garcia and all involved for its historical accuracy. I am grateful for the "Ficos" of the time, like my parents. What courage and resolve. If history is not to be repeated, we must embrace it, learn from it, and not wash it from our memories. Incredible acting, music, scenery (thank you Dominican Republic). We need to remember "where we've been" so as to know "where we're going" - bring plenty of tissues; one box is just not enough. The only reason I gave it a 9, as opposed to a 10, is because I would have really liked to have seen some time dedicated to the family, specifically, the brothers, in their youth. The important relationship of the Cuban family would have been better understood if we had seen it from early on. The significance of the family nucleus, born of the parents' rearing, is crucial in the story of the Cubans. The relationship between the uncle and his nephews was synonymous with that but could have been further developed.

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