The Last Wagon


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The Last Wagon (1956) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
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Richard Widmark as Comanche Todd
Felicia Farr as Jenny
James Drury as Lt. Kelly
Nick Adams as Ridge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Righty-Sock 9 / 10

One the most exciting Westerns!

After he is tracked, caught and chained to a wagon train for killing, in cold blood, three brothers in revenge for the murder of three people closest to him, his wife and his two boys, Comanche Todd (Richard Widmark), leads a wagon to safety through Apache country...

It is an intense drama because Col. Normand's train was massacred by the savages and six young survivors were left on his hands, putting their trust in a renegade murderer to bring them out of the wilderness…

Delmer Daves tries to paint the West as a perfect artist proving himself as a talented director of the Western movies... As in "Broken Arrow," "Drum Beat," "3:l0 to Yuma," and "The Hanging Tree," this great director gives us, in his exciting Western, a study of several characters as individuals and as representatives of virtues, vices, and other abstract qualities...

Richard Widmark gives a great performance as a man who took the Comanche law to avenge his people… For him there was no "white man's law" for hundreds of miles!

Felicia Farr gives a sweet performance as the girl in love... For her Widmark could have saved himself… He could have gone and she urged him to go…

Susan Kohner tells her sister Valinda (Stephanie Griffin) that she acts so clean but she thinks so dirty… And when she says "Indian-lover" and she makes it sound so filthy…

Tommy Rettig—a lot more man than a boy— is the most effective member of the cast, sincere in his emotional feelings and highly amusing...

Nick Adams saw those falls this morning but refuses to notice that the kid could get swept over them…

George Mathews plays Sheriff Bull Harper with a killer he's bringing to justice… He explained to the Christians 'not to be fooled by the color of his eyes and his skin. He may be white, but inside he's all Comanche.'

Col. William Normand (Douglas Kennedy) asks the Sheriff to secure the prisoner but to stop his brutality…

Filmed in Technicolor and CinemaScope, the picture has plenty of action, good exterior photography including splendid picturesque shots of the "Canyon of death", the rocks, plains and rivers...

Reviewed by NewEnglandPat 7 / 10

The film that made a movie fan out of me

This story chronicles the trials of a fugitive half-breed and the survivors of an Indian attack on a wagon train. Richard Widmark is the tough, steely hero who aims to guide the survivors to safety through the desert and clear his name in a murder case. The plot is basically one of survival and redemption and the picture fleshes out Widmark's character in dramatic fashion, first as an abused prisoner, then as a trail savvy outsider who must bring to safety folks who dislike him because of his reputation. The film has fine action scenes but tends to dwell on the attitudes of the young whites who resent being dependent on Widmark, yet realize they need him to pull them out of harm's way. Felicia Farr is good as the woman who falls for Widmark in spite of his troubled past, as are Susan Kohner and Stephanie Griffin, the latter as a high-strung lass with a quick temper. Nick Adams and Tommy Rettig do fine in their roles and round out the survival party. The cinematography and music are top notch.

Reviewed by Nicholas Rhodes 9 / 10

Beautifully filmed though little known

If you watch this film with care, you will see that every shot has been perfectly crafted. The deep blue skies and reddish rock colour go perfectly with the steely blue eyes and yellowish skin of Richard Widmark. Even the colour of his tunic blends in with the rest. The cameraman here must have been a real genius as every shot is perfect.Great attention seems to have been paid to the color of the sky, the position of the sun and even the shots in "contre-jour" come out perfectly - in short, a real FEAST for the eyes. This film has only recently been made available on DVD in the USA and is of course absent from Europe, though we have plenty of other, and many inferior quality Westerns available on DVD....this should have been one of the first to come out...but this was not to be the case. Plot-wise the film is quite enthralling, and it's interesting to note the change in attitude of the people with time towards Widmark, from suspicion and hate towards gratitude and love by the end. The other actors give reasonable performances but of course in this film, Widmark steals the show, just as he did in "No Way Out". The scenes with the Indians, smoke signals etc are awesome and very colourful. Also the soundtrack is very good, I even thought it was Dimitri Tiomkin who had composed it, but I was wrong. When I saw the film initially, I was fearing some ghastly sad ending, thinking that Widmark would inevitably come a cropper, but fortunately, love rules OK and all turns out right ! Phew ! This is a film that every true Western-lover should have on the shelves of his/her DVDthèque.

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