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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chaosbaron 3 / 10

Slow, boring, and on the border of parody

The movie is about a horror movie writer that into a big old haunted house with a creepy mysterious blind woman living on the top floor. His friend and companion states "sounds like a good plot for a film", unfortunately the film we are watching does not seem to confirm her statement. The film is slow moving with out taking advantage of its pace. Long drawn out scenes of your main character walking on the beach and finding messages in a bottle set to indie music, and conversations going over the previous scenes fill a majority of the film. While acting and camera work isn't bad, there simply is no substance to the film and nothing new is brought to the table. There are no scary moments in the film, unless you count a slamming door as scary. Once the ending of the film came around, I wondered if the movie was somehow a misplaced joke that wasn't funny. You will see what I mean when a near replica of a certain Halloween scene is done.

Reviewed by nverhines 9 / 10

Enjoyed the movie

I thought the movie was great!! Reminds me of the old black and white movies I used to watch as a kid with my grandma. It starts off a little slow. However it picks up once the spooky things start happening around the house. That doll was creepy. I wasn't a big fan of the background music. I was getting the 70's vibe off it at times from it. Overall I would say It was one of the better horror films I've watched in a while. I thought it was a good clean movie. The characters were interesting and the story line was good. I liked the main characters talk with Agnes. She did a fantastic job with her part. The best part was definitely the last scene.

Reviewed by Nigel P 7 / 10

A gentle horror?

It is doubtful that the similarities between the title of this film and House by the Cemetery and Last House on the Left are coincidental. After all, any way to attract attention makes good business sense. Yet, fans of those more visceral tales would probably be disappointed by the tameness of the horror on display here, which may explain why this release has attracted little attention.

John Davies (Lee Bane) is a somewhat reclusive writer who rents a large country house, whereby he meets the charmingly old-fashioned Cassie Konrad (Georgina Blackledge) and also discovers he is sharing the house with an even more reclusive old blind woman (Vivian Bridson).

This is a beautifully shot, low-budget, 'gentle' horror (if there is such a thing). It is slow moving, but never ponderous due to the appeal of the very small cast. The relationship which develops between Davies and Conrad is delightful – two isolated people who simply enjoy each other's company – and it is that which provides the backbone of the unveiling mystery. There is very little gore or effects, but such things aren't necessary in what is essentially a human take on a familiar haunting theme. This isn't Evil Dead or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but doesn't ever try to be.

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