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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ton_O 10 / 10

Caroline Munro is the ultimate Godess of horror!

Scream…. but so much better. This film start the inimitable Joe Spinell in a part that only he knows how to deliver. Aspiring filmmaker Vinnie (Spinell) is an obsessive fan of scream queen Jenna Bates (Bond-girl Caroline Muroe) and wants to make his own film, with her as a star. This doesn't quite work out, and he stalks all the way to the Cannes film festival where things go from bad to even worse. This film from 1981 is made on a budget that wouldn't cover the first week's catering on some of the slick so-called Horror movies (i.e.: some teens running around screaming) but is so much better than most of them. The characters are a lot more believable than the stereotypes you see in the mainstream Hollywood so-called horror flicks in Scream and the Bad Guy (with all his good intentions) is much scarier than the ridiculous Freddie in his own much too famous film series. The atmosphere is extremely unsettling, which is enhanced by little things one could easily miss (like a theatre at Cannes advertising to show Cannibal Holocaust - a film you would hardly expect to play at today's Festival). One prophetic scene is saying a lot about the aforementioned Blockbuster Horror movies that Hollywood chunks out. During a press conference the star in the film Jenna Bates is asked if she is at the Cannes Festival to promote her new film. "Yes, and it is called 'Scream', is her answer. 'Now, that is bound to sell a lot of popcorn'. And this is fifteen years before Wes Craven released his ridiculous kiddies-horror - just an example to show where many filmmakers get their inspiration: from TROMA, of course. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by stefant 10 / 10

Joe Spinell why did you have to go??

A very underrated master piece that i liked much more than, William Lustig´s Maniac, this is far off better not as brutal as the earlier mentioned Maniac, but has a much more interesting plot, the story in short is that Spinell thinks he´s a movie director, but he´s not, he becomes obsessed by the beautiful Caroline Munroe from the Spy who loved me, Spinell wants her in his movie (eventhough he hasn´t got a movie to put her in) I laughed a lot in this very sick study,of the mind of the deranged serial killer, played byJoe Spinell. It has a lot of strong violence, throat cutting stabbings and some strangulation. Watch out for Spinells real mother that plays the killers mother also. I gave it a 10 out of 10

Reviewed by Erich Mees 7 / 10

Great performance by Spinell...

I had put off seeing this for a long time because, although an admirer of Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro, I am NOT a fan of gore. When the only video store in my area with a copy told me they would be closing, I finally gave in and rented it, knowing it may very well be my last chance. I was pleasantly surprised to see how little gore there was (and what WAS there was either too brief to really disturb me, or was obviously "movie-within-movie" fake), and by the cleverness of the script. The brilliant performance by Joe Spinell, however, came as no surprise. Playing an obsessed fan and would-be director, Spinell was both pathetic and sympathetic. I found myself feeling sorry for this desperate loser, even as I dreaded what he might do.

The Cannes Film Festival setting makes this a must-see for movie buffs, who will enjoy going frame-by-frame through the montages of movie posters and marquees.

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